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Stories > [WPC] Stories : Chapter 3 : Acolight
Acolight Chapter 3

Click, click, click, click, beep beep beep “incoming from behind!” Buzz yelled, whereas Solo promptly responded: “Number targets!?”

Buzz: “I have 2 targets, no 5, nah, a hole battalion it seems... and closing fast!”
The experienced team kept there cool. Weeperr dropped the chain tied to the body overhead and raised is gun. The unexpected extra wight almost took Husky for a ride and he let the chain go as well. As Einstein once said, what goes up, must come down, and the body fell to the ground.

Fuck, Hot yelled in a half ass angry voice, but no one really cared.. the entire team was focused on the motion tracker, and the never ending stream of dots moving closer and closer.

Buzz: 10 meters, 5 meters....

…......and the tracker went dead... click click click.. not thing!
Buzz: All clear, looks like they pulled back!
Huskey: Where did they go?
Buzz: Don't you worry, they'll be back!

The group turn around heading for the complex door. And there he was... in all his glory... The body had clearly been hanging there for awhile, as it hit the ground, it kind of “painted” Hot with blood and gore. Guess this explains your rather manly statement there hot, Solo threw at him and laughed a cold laughter, but hey, the color do suit you tho. He added.

The entire team had a chuckle on Hot's behalf, not really making him less annoyed. Web gave him a friendly nudge, Yo man, I see you finally got some fashion sense he laughed.

Yeah yeah Hot replied, thanks a lot you two, Hot mumbled to Weeperr and Huskey as they passed him on the way.

Well inside the complex, it looked like any other colony, except the fact that this place was dead. Not a soul, not a single sign of life. We need a perimeter map, Solo said as the group when into a tight formation. It should be in the mail hall, Snooze replied.

Solo: Formation C2 Alpha and head out. This was a standard 2 column formation, Snooze at point.

As they approached the main complex the group grew tighter and Hot once again made his way the the door lock for a quick hack. As the door opened, the two columns entered and quickly moved ahead to the main hall. Snooze, Solo said, Head over to the main terminal and get those blueprints on the head display. Snooze scrambled and started working on the MT placed in center of the main hall. Something was clearly not the way it was supposed too. Main lighting was offline, so was building security and environmental controls. It was cold and dark, the emergency lights was flickering.

Snooze swiftly pulled main building schematics on the overhead display. This is where we are now, Solo said as hi pointed at the head display. This place is wide open, way too many entry points to make a suitable perimeter. Snooze expanded the blueprint to contain the entire complex. For a short while Solo and Snooze examined the BP while the rest of the group kept watch.

There, Solo said and pointed at a building on the far side of the complex. Snooze nodded silently.

Buzzes motion tracker suddenly spun to action ... beep beep beep...

Buzz: Incoming... all directions... and lots of them !!
Solo: Formation S-Charlie....... stay frosty !!

The experienced gang entered the ordered circular formation in a matter of seconds. One could hear the sound of hundred of claws running on the metal flooring.

Beep beep beep.... closing in, Buzz yelled... 10 meters and closing fast from all directions.
The aliens stared popping up everywhere.... everyone threw what they had at them... Huskey's SmartGun was doing a nice job clearing out these alien bugs. Some got to close for comfort, and a well placed 203 grenade in a swift action turning the bugs into a splatter of acid blood.

Stay the hell away from the blood, Snooze yelled! At that very moment Hot was sprayed across his face.. Hot screamed, more in anger then pain as he kept spraying a wall of lead towards the never ending force of bugs. Web threw a bucket of water on Hot he had noticed on the way in... at least that should stop the acids burning.

Yeah, that will leave you a nice battle scar there hot, Solo said as the gun smoke dissipated.

Huh, and it hurts like hell too! Hot, still a bit shuck, replied!

The team gartered there belongings and headed out for Solos hideout. We need to get our asses going here gang... We need that perimeter secure asap!

To be continued Next week...

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