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Stories > [WPC] Mage Chronicles: Episode 7: A Shocking Discovery

After 2 days walking, the area was getting mountainous, They could feel the air getting thinner. They could see the nearby towns, dotting the scenery belowthem. The sunset cast the entire area in a rosy hue. Noticing that nightfall was coming, they set up base for the night at the bottom of the upcoming mountain.

Snooze combing her hair by the fire said "Conor, how many mancers are there left?"

"I think it's 4, and since we are in this type of area, there are two possible mancers that could be here" He said, slapping the dirt out of his blue robes. He still wasnt impressed having to use his Hydromancy to clean himself, "Anyway, we have a long day tomorrow, i'd suggest ye get to sleep"

The following morning, after a few complaints of the cold, they set out again. Trekking up the mountain was no easy task, but they soon reached a clearing, and stopped for lunch. It was the usual, some local wildlife and some herbs Snooze had in her posession.

"Zeek?" Conor asked, finishing his food.

"Yeah?" Zeek mumbled, mouth full of food

"Since you are a necromancer, can you raise the dead?" Conor said

"1 min" he said, swallowing "No, necromancers can use shadows to bind the bones of a dead thing, and then use more shadows to make shadow-flesh, look I'll show you" He reached out and sent shadows to kill a nearby mouse. Placing the animal in his hands, the shadows ripped until there was just a skeleton. He didn't mind the flesh flying off towards the group.

"Zeek!" Snooze shouted "Some of us are still eating"

While laughing, the shadows circled the skeleton, making ligaments and finally the black flesh. Instantly the mouse jumped.

"See, I can control it just like a puppet, so it's not really raising the dead" He said, making the mouse scurry towards snooze. "But then again, there might be some mancers who study the darker side to necromancy who can raise the dead, I don't know"

Snooze screamed, and hemi raised his fist, and crushed the mouse.

"Oi!" Zeek said "Why did you do that?"

Hemi just smiled, while an arc of lightning soared across the sky. The group edged towards a rock, and saw a small, ginger haired man, in a gold robe.

"Guys" Conor whispered "I think we just found our electromancer!"

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