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Stories > [WPC] Mage Chronicles: Episode 4 : Fighting Nature

And so, the Floramancer charged, hands turning green. She summoned roots of nearby plants to trip the oncoming Hydromancer. Conor fell to the ground, his nose now bleeding. Conor tried to summon nearby water, but there was a shortage, still, he could inflict some damage with this.

He sent it like an arrow, puncturing the Floramancer's arm. She howled in pain, the adrenaline lending her even more strength. Once again, roots tripped Conor and pinned him down, almost suffocating him.

Conor remembered an earlier conversation with his father,causing tears to flow onto the ground

"Remember son, the floramancers can almost use anything to their advantage, but think what flows through the plants, water"

With these words echoing through his mind, Conor manipulated the roots sending them back to their mistress. Conor laughed, the Floramancer's face contorting with rage. The only time her face's elegance changes into something darker.

"Well done, but this is not over yet!" She cackled, Her hands turning green once more

"Bring it on then!" Conor snarled back.

The two mancers met, their hands a flurry of punches, Conor using the Floramancer's own sweat to block the pores, causing her to overheat.
Conor could see the look of defeat in her eyes, her energy being sapped with each second. Her

"Give up yet?" Conor Sniggered, his face perspiring heavily. The duel was seeping his energy too, but the determination he was known for in his town shone through.

"Never!" She screamed

"I'll be the decider of that" A man said, erupting out of the soil. His brown robes notbeing covered in the slightest amount of dirt.

Zeek shouted from behind "It's Mud Boy!" only to be hit with a clod of dirt into the arm, the same arm that Snooze had hurt with her vines. Zeek howled in pain, falling to the ground.

"Hemi!" She gasped......

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