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Stories > [WPC] Mage Chronicles: Episode 3 : Green Fingers

After 3 days walking through fields, Zeek led Conor to the edge of the forest, the tree's looming several metres above their heads.

"She lives here" zeek whispered

"She? you didnt tell me anything about her yet!" Conor snapped crankily, he was still not amused by the lack of cleaning facilities on this trip.

Zeek brought Conor to the middle of a clearing, the shafts of light barely breaking through the trees. Zeek shouted "Hello". A woman, lowered to the ground by vines, eyed them suspiciously. Her green robe cascaded elegantly as did her jet black hair. Zeek's mouth dropped at the sight of the woman in front.

"What do you want Shadow ?" She sneered.

"Nice to see you too, Snooze" Zeek replied, putting his hand out.

"Snooze, why is she called that?" Conor whispered

"Because her abilities at Floramancy are boring" Zeek sniggered

Snooze, with a flick of her wrists, sent vines from the trees to lift Zeek, almost dislocating his arms. She smiled as she saw Zeek's face turn white, his fear of heights taking hold of him.

"Please" Zeek screamed "Conor needs your help"

The Floramancer left Zeek drop to the ground, wincing as he hit. Zeek doubled over and got sick, inches away from the floramancer's feet. Snooze jumped back, disgust clearly seen on her face, she turned back to the Hydromancer.

"And why should I do that?" She said, eyeing Conor up suspiciously.

Conor stood forward "My father was killed and I need your help to find his killer, I fear he's killing other mancers one by one".

The Floramancer paused, "Defeat me and I'll join you"

"If I must" Conor answered.....

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