Clan Competition and Scores

Date 2010/4/14 0:30:00 | Topic: Competitions

Hello Wolves,

Sorry for the delay on publishing the results of the Obituary Report clan battle, any way here they are:

Round One:

Round Two:

As you can see we got our asses whooped but that is not what the game was about it was about expansion. Getting out there and getting our name known and show that we are a fun friendly clan (occasionally) that are willing for a couple of friendly fun games.

Due to some unforeseen events with one of Obituary Reports members not being able to find the server the match was switched to a Three vs. Three match.
The feed back i've had from all players has been very positive and im glad you guys had fun.

I am thinking Playstation 3 match next?

I would just like to give out a few special thanks.

Thanks too Woody for being there when we needed him.
The Antagonist from the other clan saved the game by pulling a player out of nowhere when somebody dropped out.
And last but not least Snooze for being a brilliant sidekick.

Stay Frosty Wolves!

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