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Date 2014/6/22 20:02:35 | Topic: Clan Council

Hello wolves, Ninjacx signing on to give you the latest and greatest in gaming news! Lets start 

things off with some Battlefield shall we? 

Gaming News

I have been selected to be in the BF Hardline Beta... So far i haven't been dissapointed. It is like payday 2 mixed with battlefield 4 and with a little bit of orginal spice thrown in as well! I tend to play better on the police team then the criminals for some reason, maybe because im bias haha! But so far the beta has two game modes: Blood Money and Heist.

Game Mode - Blood Money: A huge pile of cash has been intercepted! Criminals fight to steal and take home as much money as they can, while the cops try to secure the evidence.

Game Mode - Heist: Criminals are trying to steal the loot and get away, while cops try to stop them.

I have played both game modes and so far i tend to do alot better at Heist, and also just like Heist way better then Blood Money.

So in short... GET THE GAME and come play with me!

 next item up on the list: Assassin's Creed: Unity! 

Assassin's Creed Unity is on its way to release on October 28, 2014 for PS4 and Xbox One. It's set during the French Revolution, boasts new gen graphic capabilities, and looks amazing. We have the beautifully-rendered streets of Paris in turmoil to explore, a large and angry crowd, and the amazingly realized sights of Revolutionary France. 

Now get out there and pwn some noobs together with your hidden blades!

Oh and you better watch you back because we have a game on the rise....

Lots of members have been playing Rise Of Nations lately... Especially our very own Blade!

Defiance is now FREE to play... Although it will say download the free trial, which isn't actually a trial but the full game and steam is just to lazy to fix it LOL... So download it and play it with me and Reavenbroke do it, do it now :D 

Another game rising up that is FREE to play and me and Reaven also happen to play this one quite alot! So come on down and do it up on some Mabinogi!(you'll never be as OP as me and her tho... BE JEALOUS!)

Member News!

Here we have our very own(left to right) Hemi, Snooze, Mina, MissMorph, Xenomorph, andddd Whiskey!!! All in one picture! :D 

And yours truely.... Is now a full time security guard, graveyard shift Cuz nothing says Merica better then being a security guard!

No other memeber news to report! 

And remember theres always a wolf in the woods... and this one is currently doing this!


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