Newsletter 206

Date 2014/3/16 14:20:00 | Topic: Clan Council


Well hello everyone, its me Snooze your not so friendly neighbourhood webmistress! I've been asked to step in for Sin as council member these last 2 weeks as he to focus all his energy on his family atm. We've got your back mate, you've had a really long run and done an awesome job as Long Fang. We send good thoughts to you and your family and hope you enjoy your freedom!
Gaming news
So, ya'll know I dont care much for games, and as the previous worn out council hasnt said anything about gaming news, I'm just gonna skip it! Jeej!
New forum ranking system
So Hemi decided to make an effort the last bit of his term as Long Fang, and decided to use his super design skills to get
you lot motivated to post more on our beautiful forums. So now we all have snazzy looking ranks with clan inspired captions
to go with them! The ranking system goes up to 20, every level has a different caption. Atm, I'm a "Majestic Beast"! This is
so true I might have to stop posting on the website entirely. Plan failed Hemi...
The most important thing you get to do as a for a new council. Take this seriously folks, council is an
important job and can make or break the clan. The poll will be going up today and open to voting for 2 weeks (cuz
there's always lazy bastards who dont log on often enough). You only get to vote once, even though it looks like you
can just enter it again, it will only log your entries the first time.
Important: Since we only have 5 approved applicants this time, we want to make sure ya'll really want them. A
candidate must get a minimum of 8 votes for them to be given the title of Long Fang. Therefor you CAN give 5 votes,
but you dont HAVE to. Only vote for whom you really want to see in council.
Thats it for this weeks newsletter, I know, I did an awesome job. Basically I had you all at the kitten pic. And remember, there's
always a wolf in the woods, probably urinating against a tree to mark its territory so if you smell something weird thats probably it.

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