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Clan Council : WPC Newsletter week 3
Posted by Blaze on 2010/3/6 0:06:54 (3485 reads)

Well the time has come for my last newsletter for quite some time, so solo and the council have asked me to write this one up, this is early because i will not be here on sunday so today is my last day that i am able to get on the site

So here you go


First things first i'd like to welcome into our clan 3 new members, Zachman and Night who have been waiting a few weeks to get into the clan, and also Husky while this guy hasn't long applied to join he has shown in the last few days that he is fitting into the clan well, welcome guys you will have acsess soon.

To the others, just be active on the site or in game and you will be in, in no time

Long Fangs elections

With me leaving the clan that leaves a seat open on the council, so it's that time of year again that we hold elections,

Now we know that noone on the council has been voted in so it's only fair that all community seats are up ( for all you new members solo is the only one who isnt voted in as he in the clan leader ) also for you new people a quick note on what happens with these votes

4 seats are up ANYONE can apply as long as you have the time to commit to the job, all matters with the clan are voted on by the council once a week in weekly meetings, you have to be active to do this job, now while anyone can apply PLEASE do not vote for your friends please vote for the people who you think are able to do a good job, if you think the current council are doing a great job for this clan ( just like i do ) then vote them back in, please note to any new council member if any information regarding the council forum or it's contents are given to members outside the council this will resort in your council membership being stripped without notice and also maybe your membership to the clan will be terminated ( we feel that strongly about being able to trust every member in this clan and if you cant do that then you have no place here )

Now a new topic is going to be created in the forums as i have said anyone can apply for these seats, after 2/3 days that topic will be locked now that there is 4 seats open you will send a PM to solo that contain 4 names out of all those applyed that you feel would be best to run the clan, the people with the most votes will get a term, each term lasts about 6 months then we do this process again, this gives everyone a chance to get in the council and a chance to run the clan, but again if you think this clan is running great as it is at the time of the elections then please vote the same people back in.


While we are doing very well with the level of people asking to join us, we are always on the lookout for new members, so whenever you get a chance help Tic out and get more people here.

Blood howler

As you all know by now, snooze has started writing story's for the site, the first one was a big hit with everyone and i know everyone is looking forward to some more of those, on another note regarding storys solo has found some of atomics old story's ( the older members will know this name ) he is going to post 1 every week so people can read the original WPC story


YES josh you are also in the clan mate welcome back,


Thats it for this week, on a personal note, i will miss you all, while i know i'm going to be back from time to time it's a strange feeling leaving this place and knowing that i'm not going to be involved in the running of the clan, just make sure this place is here when i get a chance to come back on !!

Other than's been a great run i've had in this clan and i thank you all for making this such a great time for me, Solo m8 i cant say enough to thank you for making this clan and giving us all here a place to meet, Shad if it wasnt for you i would never have joined thanks m8 you have always had my respect and friendship, so have, web, tic, hemi, snooze, oasky, oxyfire, josh, main, manu, tiddles, buzz, and SO many others that i just cant put the names down otherwise this post in going to get out of hand lol, just remember guys have fun guys and i'll see you soon !!!!

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Author Thread
Published: 2010/3/6 1:12  Updated: 2010/3/6 1:12

Joined: 2010/2/4
From: The Netherlands
Comments: 5133
 Re: WPC Newsletter week 3
Good luck m8, and be carefull out there!!
Published: 2010/3/6 3:45  Updated: 2010/3/6 20:08

Joined: 2010/2/26
From: D.C.
Comments: 91
 Re: WPC Newsletter week 3
See ya blaze, it was nice getting to know you before u left. Remeber what I told you, just stay sharp and keep your head down and you'll be fine. Have fun in basic, and be carefull out there. :) and thank you all for letting this lone wolf into your pack *Howl* lol
Published: 2010/3/6 3:47  Updated: 2010/3/6 4:57

Joined: 2009/5/23
From: New York NY
Comments: 2728
 Re: WPC Newsletter week 3
!!M8 you!! and many others u know who yous are have also made my WPC experience one of a kind and we will miss u while ur gone GOOD LUCK and be safe.


Cant wait to read some of snooze's stories

Welcome back josh!

Welcome to the clan Zachman - Night - Husky
Published: 2010/3/6 9:58  Updated: 2010/3/6 9:58

Joined: 2009/5/21
From: Belgium
Comments: 1020
 Re: WPC Newsletter week 3
*l'll tear drop*

Don't worry Blaze, we will be there when you come back. Again, a big thank to you for all your input.

And welcome to all our new members. Please, log out and log in to have access to the [WPC] side of the site.

Published: 2010/3/6 10:07  Updated: 2010/3/6 10:07

Joined: 2010/2/6
From: Yorkshire born, Yorkshire bred
Comments: 1503
 Re: WPC Newsletter week 3
Damn m8 i think im gona cry like a girl.
Im glad i got at least 1 last game in with u the otherday and like i said i see you havent lost those uber sniping skills
Be careful out there m8 and come back to us in one piece
Were gona miss u realy bad m8!
Published: 2010/3/6 10:14  Updated: 2010/3/6 10:14

Joined: 2010/1/30
From: Sweden
Comments: 216
 Re: WPC Newsletter week 3
Fare well to you little padawan

May the Force be with you, always.

Sith Sensei Shad.
Published: 2010/3/6 18:52  Updated: 2010/3/6 18:52

Joined: 2009/12/14
From: UK
Comments: 1902
 Re: WPC Newsletter week 3
will be waiting here till you get back mate *howls a lonley how*
Published: 2010/3/6 20:39  Updated: 2010/3/6 20:39

Joined: 2010/2/2
From: Sweden
Comments: 25
 Re: WPC Newsletter week 3
Width a full moon lighting up the pach the pack has been following fore so long, we see a member silently stepping off it, we all stop and look at him as he walks into the woods alown, the lead wolf lifts his head and width a voice as mighty as the clan itself he lets loos a howl that can be heard beyond all the woods, one by one the rest of the pack follow ther leaders good example and lifts there heads to the moon and lets out a sad howl that echos thrug the night, as there mighty howl dies down, they can hear a lownly howl from the edge of the woods, and width this howl the now lonely wolf knows he will always be a member of the pack and will always be greeted home when the time is right.

Published: 2010/3/6 21:12  Updated: 2010/3/6 21:12

Joined: 2009/6/8
From: -
Comments: 415
 Re: WPC Newsletter week 3
very nice slient, you make that up?? if so thats awesome
Published: 2010/3/6 21:35  Updated: 2010/3/6 21:35

Joined: 2010/2/2
From: Sweden
Comments: 25
 Re: WPC Newsletter week 3
yes I did, just a little tribute to a clan member that is going on a path alone.
Published: 2010/3/6 22:06  Updated: 2010/3/6 22:06

Joined: 2009/5/21
From: Belgium
Comments: 1020
 Re: WPC Newsletter week 3
Published: 2010/3/7 1:22  Updated: 2010/3/7 1:22

Joined: 2009/12/14
From: UK
Comments: 1902
 Re: WPC Newsletter week 3
added silents story to the story board forum