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Clan Council : Newsletter 182
Posted by Virion on 2013/9/29 20:20:00 (6142 reads)

Hey hey all! So again, it’s my turn to royally mess up the newsletter, which means the formatting’ll be off, the content crap and everything else you love about my news! But of course, we’re going out with a bang so it’s gonna be worse than ever before! Now, it’ll be a tad short on gaming news as I wanna focus this about member news, especially the council. So, let’s see what’s what, eh?

Member news:

So, first off, happy happy member news times, as InductedMist is finally counted as one among our ranks! Wear the tags with some pride, after all, it’s been the third time you applied. The guy showed some persistence alright :)


Council Elections:

So, as you lot ought to know, it’s the last week for this council. We’ve had two weeks for people to put their names forward, and the final results are as follows. The poll will be up shortly after the newsletter, so make sure to cast your votes! May the stupidest win, but here’s the list;

Sendo Kasai

This means there’s 9 people to vote for, and 5 people unlucky enough to ‘win’! Don’t forget to vote!


Now that we’ve had the important stuff, here’s some gaming news:

First off, it was awesome to see how many people turned up for the Killing Floor night. We had a chance to let Katt show how it’s done, handling the patriarch on her own after the other 12 of us had died, but all in all, we had some badass games! It’s nights like these that show how WPC can get together and have some awesome times!

CS:GO got updated according to sinwars, so thanks for the additional news;

-Added Competitive Scorecard to the Official Competitive match end scoreboard if the user owns an Operation Bravo Coin. (Previously only visible in the Operation Bravo Coin tooltip).

-Suiciding now results in 0 cash awarded for the round.
-Player acceleration is now determined by the player's active weapon max speed.

-Fixed bugs in Gwalior, Cache, Ali, Seaside and Agency.

-Fixed stock items not displaying possessive information in the freeze panel.
-Fixed some water material fallbacks to not reflect the 2d skybox which caused bad reflections with low shader settings.
-Fixed squished weapon kill icons on Mac.
-Fixed the highest quality items in a Collection failing to be filtered out of the Trade Up Contract interface.
-Fixed a memory leak in client code that also caused performance drops during long gameplay sessions.
-New decorated weapon added to the Assault Collection.


Don’t forget, there’s always a wolf in the woods dying right when the patty shows up around the me…grrrr..

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Author Thread
Published: 2013/9/29 20:30  Updated: 2013/9/29 20:30

Joined: 2010/2/19
From: the Netherlands
Comments: 2442
 Re: Newsletter 182
Good luck to all the candidates for council. And once more, yes you can keep voting on the poll, but it only registers once so dont worry.

Oh and remember I will haunt all the new council members to make sure they do a proper job
Published: 2013/9/29 21:05  Updated: 2013/9/29 21:05

Joined: 2012/2/15
From: Scotland
Comments: 550
 Re: Newsletter 182
Good luck to me as well, stuff the rest of you
nah good luck to all and we would'nt expect anything less Snooze
Published: 2013/9/29 21:05  Updated: 2013/9/29 21:05

Joined: 2010/3/27
From: Newcastle, England
Comments: 1567
 Re: Newsletter 182
Good luck to all council volunteers!
Published: 2013/9/30 0:47  Updated: 2013/9/30 0:51

Joined: 2010/11/3
From: New York
Comments: 402
 Re: Newsletter 182
Good luck to you lucky 9 people and finally a warm welcome to InductedMist,glad to have you with us champ.Im very happy too see the KF night turn out so freaking awesome,i had a blast playing with so many of you guys(KATT RULES)!!!
Published: 2013/9/30 8:45  Updated: 2013/9/30 8:45

Joined: 2012/2/15
From: Greece
Comments: 498
 Re: Newsletter 182
Welcome InductedMist. Good luck to all the candidates for the council!
Published: 2013/9/30 12:23  Updated: 2013/9/30 12:23

Joined: 2011/8/24
From: Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Comments: 279
 Re: Newsletter 182
i see how it is, lol, i put my name up for council and y'all don't even put my name on the list. XD come on people.
Published: 2013/10/1 0:33  Updated: 2013/10/1 0:33

Joined: 2011/1/31
From: KF-Farm
Comments: 134
 Re: Newsletter 182
Cheers Gov'na! Also good luck to those that applied for council!
Published: 2013/10/3 13:51  Updated: 2013/10/3 13:51

Joined: 2013/1/11
From: The Black Lagoon
Comments: 497
 Re: Newsletter 182
Good luck to everyone who applied and Gratz Katt on player of the week!