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Clan Council : Newsletter 179
Posted by Whisky on 2013/9/9 1:50:00 (4626 reads)


+++Establishing Uplink+++
+++Uplink Active+++
+++Decoding Stream+++
+++Initialise Playback+++
This is the captains log of the Starship Lupus, StarDate 67155.6. Comms were down for a while, this is the explanation for the delay in reporting in. Saying the first mate was drunk isn't really a valid excuse, he's always drunk. We've been exploring the galaxy now for 30 years. Supplies are still good, crew haven't gone insane or space crazy... well, there maybe one or two but I'm not convinced they weren't that way before boarding the ship. So far we've encountered a number of strange worlds and life forms. Made some spectacular discoveries on route. I describe these in detail below.
Artemis - Spaceship Bridge Simulator
Have you ever wanted the chance to captain the ship? Well I'm not going to give up my seat for anyone. Instead I will tell you about a new simulation program developed by Trekian Thom Robertson. In this simulation you and 5 companions man their consoles of a spaceship; Helm, Weapons, Engineering, Science and Comms, you as the captain must guide your ship to victory protecting the system. I'll even be willing to help set it up for you. Heck, get good enough and you can cover for me next time we come across one of those beach planets with the sexy blue aliens...
Entertainment for the Crew
We'll be entering the Unfurnished System soon, this means there won't be much to do. We only have 5 holo tapes, I think I've watched Pride & Prejudice 16 times alone already. Any more and I might have to fly this starship into the nearest sun. So to this end I have devised a timetable of activities to keep the crew and myself distracted in the next few months. Starting with on stardate 67169.3 (14th for those back on earth) there will be a day of gaming starting at 1800hrs GMT. This games will include AvP, AvP2010, Natural Selection 2, Alien Swarm, Aliens Colonial Marines and maybe even the rare Interstellar Marines from the planet of Williteverbebloodyfinished. Details will be forwarded through the ships internal Steam Network.
Crew Member of the Week
Have you ever wanted a shiney row of medals like me? Don't fancy being a sicophant? Well then, impress me with your daring acts of bravery and skill. Send me a screen shot or video via our internal mail system and you could get your very own shiny medal. (Until you have to give it back of course, I can't keep making these things and giving them away like they were milk bottle tops. (Ignoring the fact they are just milk bottle tops))
Directory of Computation Engines
I recently went to the trouble of updating our directory of Computation Engines (Servers), you can find the said list here, There is even a couple of extras hidden off the books. Just don't tell the engineering department, they are already complaining the engines don't have enough power. They say the jacuzzi is an excessive drain on the power core, can you believe that? If the crew were not provided with a jacuzzi each they would have never signed up. You can find the list here.
New Crew Member
Passing through the last system we managed to pick up stragglers, the science guys tell me it he wasn't shanghaied, I'll just have to take their word on the matter. Crew, welcome aboard :
Welcome Waingro, wear your uniform with pride and do the fleet (of one ship) proud.
That's the end of this report. Thank you for your time and remember, stay calm, and pet the space kitten.
+++End of Report+++
+++Stream Interrupted+++
+++Attempting to Reacquire+++
+++Shutting Down System+++

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Author Thread
Published: 2013/9/9 1:52  Updated: 2013/9/9 1:52

Joined: 2012/5/24
From: Behind you. (Netherlands :D)
Comments: 800
 Re: Newsletter 179
Awesome newsletter.
Published: 2013/9/9 2:02  Updated: 2013/9/9 2:02

Joined: 2012/7/21
From: Houston,Texas,USA
Comments: 473
 Re: Newsletter 179
Haha nice news letter whis
Published: 2013/9/9 2:02  Updated: 2013/9/9 2:02

Joined: 2010/11/3
From: New York
Comments: 402
 Re: Newsletter 179
Awesome newsletter Whisky,and a huge welcome to Waingro.Hope to play with you again real soon
Published: 2013/9/9 3:43  Updated: 2013/9/9 3:43
 Re: Newsletter 179
for sure Timber! had some fun last time! Nice newsletter Whisky!
Published: 2013/9/9 4:23  Updated: 2013/9/9 4:23

Joined: 2010/4/3
From: Bakersfield, California
Comments: 1368
 Re: Newsletter 179
Thanks saver <3
Published: 2013/9/9 14:58  Updated: 2013/9/9 14:58

Joined: 2010/7/29
From: Pula, Croatia/Hrvatska
Comments: 1636
 Re: Newsletter 179
Awesome newsletter Whisky.

Waingro, welcome : )
Published: 2013/9/10 9:32  Updated: 2013/9/10 9:32

Joined: 2012/2/15
From: Scotland
Comments: 550
 Re: Newsletter 179
nice one Whisky, i still say Woody should have done it in his current state, would have been....... interesting lol
Published: 2013/9/10 17:01  Updated: 2013/9/10 17:01

Joined: 2013/1/14
From: New York
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 Re: Newsletter 179
In the reference to woody. Welcome Wang Fro. XD
Published: 2013/9/11 0:45  Updated: 2013/9/11 0:45

Joined: 2012/3/7
From: Northern Wastelands of Canada
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 Re: Newsletter 179
I feel like someone had too much time on their hands. Or really likes flavour text.
Published: 2013/9/14 19:40  Updated: 2013/9/14 19:40

Joined: 2013/1/11
From: The Black Lagoon
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 Re: Newsletter 179
What an awesome newsletter Whis