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Clan Council : Newsletter 164
Posted by Whisky on 2013/5/26 13:00:00 (3667 reads)

Good day to you wolves!
Whisky here back from holiday by the beach, with sand in my shoes and a well used bucket and spade.
Without much further ado lets find out what's been happening while I was away.

So it looks like we have no new members to welcome to the clan but worry not, I'm sure a few more may appear as we work at getting our presence known in games like Planetside2 and Neverwinter.
Just a reminder to wolves; if you've got an idea or suggestion don't be afraid to bring it up and the council will see how it can help out. For example;
Submit a picture of you on holiday; the best picture wins a prize. Submissions no later than Saturday 1st, Winner announced in next weeks newsletter. Keep it clean. - Funny/Impressive pictures earn more points. Council will judge entries and thus are exempt from entering (although they can submit a picture for a laugh if they like.
In Gaming News
In the gaming world we've had the new XBOX announcement with a good deal of speculation in regards to the price and features, it's looking a bit bloated to me and with such a high price tag I predict more people moving to PC. We are still waiting on more news on the new Sony Console but I speculate that it's going to be similar in cost and features. Only time will tell if this console generation will be a game changer.
Dead Island meets Mirrors Edge? Sounds to good to be true? Well that's what a new game called Dying Light is promising, the focus on survival rather than fighting has my attention.
In Closing
Sorry for the short newsletter, I've been out of town all week =D Oh, any everyone sing a happy birthday for Katt, she turned 18 this week.
Also, if anyone is struggling to find me a present I've found the perfect thing,
Hicks & Healey Cornish Single Malt Whiskey (hint hint)
That's all for now folks; remember, there is always a wolf in the woods that had been on the beach with a party hat.
Whisky, signing off.

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Author Thread
Published: 2013/5/26 17:39  Updated: 2013/5/26 17:39

Joined: 2013/1/11
From: The Black Lagoon
Comments: 497
 Re: Newsletter 164
Sweet Newsletter Whis! I think that idea for the holiday is a good one, but maybe for other things since some people might not be able to get away (possibly myself as an example ). Glad to have you back on though Whisky! Been quiet without you

Happy Birthday Katt! Hope you had a great day
Published: 2013/5/26 21:12  Updated: 2013/5/26 21:12

Joined: 2010/4/3
From: Bakersfield, California
Comments: 1368
 Re: Newsletter 164
Short but sweet! Good Job
Published: 2013/5/27 0:55  Updated: 2013/5/27 0:55

Joined: 2012/7/21
From: Houston,Texas,USA
Comments: 473
 Re: Newsletter 164
good newsletter whisky. go PC master race!
Published: 2013/5/28 23:53  Updated: 2013/5/28 23:53

Joined: 2012/6/2
From: Wisconsin- U.S.A
Comments: 112
 Re: Newsletter 164
But Whisky Planetside..... Had an optimization update!

Anyhow good short thread, I enjoyed the beach wolf picture a lot.
Published: 2013/5/31 16:39  Updated: 2013/5/31 16:39

Joined: 2012/8/3
From: Plymouth, UK
Comments: 49
 Re: Newsletter 164
Think it's safe to say I'll stick to pc seeing the tech in the new xbox still doesn't match what's in my computer from 3 years ago. Ah well I have you lovely people to game and chat with :)
Published: 2013/6/1 7:48  Updated: 2013/6/1 7:48

Joined: 2013/5/11
From: United States
Comments: 9
 Re: Newsletter 164
A toast to whiskys return, hazaaaaaaaaaa!*drinks* hiccup!* umm whoops...o.O