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Clan Council : Newsletter 163
Posted by Virion on 2013/5/19 16:02:58 (3426 reads)

Great, third time writing this. Bahahah, seems I have talent to mess this up!

Well, let's go see how much I can screw it up in the newsletter itself, as I have already managed twice to remove the entire text :P

Alrighty, first off; Member News!
Sadly, there 'aint much to be said here, seems it's been quiet lately, and still is.
Oh well, at least I can tell you lads some interesting gaming news, perhaps :)
- Elder Scrolls Online releases a crafting and looting video:
The Elder Scrolls Online remains a big question mark in the eyes of a lot of Elder Scrolls fans. How will the immersive, interactive world of Skyrim and Oblivion translate to an always-online multiplayer experience without losing their character?
After all, one of the great things about the Elder Scrolls games has always been the permanent consequences of your actions. Kill a named character and they (usually) stay dead; roll 5,000 sweet rolls down a cliff and they’ll just sit at the bottom.
Well, personally I'm curious to see how they'll approach that. If all the crates are looted and empty, what's going to happen? Will they stay empty, for everyone? Or just for you? Or maybe they'll respawn loot over time, like most games alike. Who knows, but at least the looting and crafting already looks interesting:
- Surrealistic stealth game Tangiers will let you hurl enemies..?
Alrighty, indie games. There´s some that are just outright poor, or their main idea is just not well thought through, but there´s some that are also just amazing and memorable. Tangiers supposedly lets you use conversations you´ve heard to distract enemies with in a gloomy surrealistic world, based around stealth. Sounds interesting to me.
There’s not much to go on at the moment – the game’s not expected to be finished until mid-2014 – but Tangiers will feature an open-ended landscape in which you’ll be “uncovering and breaking the secrets of lost civilizations.” It sounds, frankly, fantastic, but we obviously won’t know how it plays until a little further down the line. Until then, here’s the first glimpse of Tangiers:
- Nintendo is targeting Let's Plays for using their content
Apparently Nintendo has registered with Youtube to demand advertisements on videos that feature their content, meaning that alot of let's players are now forced to play adverts, and all the revenue is going right to Nintendo. Personally, I do not have very much that I can say about it,but Total Biscuit has been talking about this matter in quite a detailed manner. If you don't know him, he's a source of alot of great videos about gaming news, and he also reviews alot of indie games to give them some spotlight.
Well, I don't think there's a whole lot more interesting news this week. That, and I've been writing this two times now, so I'ma say this:
Have a nice week, but screw this newsletter, I'm outta here!
And remember, there's always a wolf out there, fucking up the newsletter, somehow, and then not posting images anymore since he ragequitted. Sorry :)

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Author Thread
Published: 2013/5/19 18:50  Updated: 2013/5/19 18:50

Joined: 2012/2/15
From: Scotland
Comments: 550
 Re: Newsletter 163
lol, nice one Feral, your not the first to rage quit a newsletter, still good informative one mate
Published: 2013/5/19 19:20  Updated: 2013/5/19 19:20

Joined: 2010/2/4
From: The Netherlands
Comments: 5133
 Re: Newsletter 163
Somehow I feel allot better when I read that it failed. Knowing now i'm not the only one that had to fight the formatting problems lol. hehe
Published: 2013/5/19 20:53  Updated: 2013/5/19 20:53

Joined: 2010/2/9
Comments: 520
 Re: Newsletter 163
Nice news letter m8
Published: 2013/5/19 21:54  Updated: 2013/5/19 21:54

Joined: 2010/4/3
From: Bakersfield, California
Comments: 1368
 Re: Newsletter 163
Its a good read, but ill have to help ya a bit with the formatting
Published: 2013/5/19 22:58  Updated: 2013/5/19 22:58

Joined: 2013/1/11
From: The Black Lagoon
Comments: 497
 Re: Newsletter 163
Good newsletter! Very informative and can't wait personally for ESO, Hopefully will be good
Published: 2013/5/20 6:34  Updated: 2013/5/20 6:34

Joined: 2012/12/1
From: Columbus.
Comments: 380
 Re: Newsletter 163
"Frak this, I'm done."
Sounds like me with every code in the history of mankind.
Nice job though! Sounds like you may have had more patience than me.
Published: 2013/5/20 20:04  Updated: 2013/5/20 20:04

Joined: 2012/7/21
From: Houston,Texas,USA
Comments: 473
 Re: Newsletter 163
great newsletter dude
Published: 2013/5/21 3:49  Updated: 2013/5/21 3:49

Joined: 2012/6/2
From: Wisconsin- U.S.A
Comments: 112
 Re: Newsletter 163
lol, well you did your best. Good job Virion
Published: 2013/5/22 17:51  Updated: 2013/5/22 17:51

Joined: 2010/5/26
From: Northern Ireland
Comments: 1304
 Re: Newsletter 163
Not to worry mate, I had my fair share of problems with the newsletter also ^^

TESO is gonna be identical to your standard MMO, except with an ES skin. There will be story areas while you level up that only you can effect, ie, if you have ever playea Swtor or GW2, it will be like that.

You will not be able to effect anything else in the game world. Also looting is the standard MMO affair. A wee bit of gold and a random item. You will not be able to take what the mob was wearing.

It already sounds very poor to me.
Published: 2013/5/26 13:03  Updated: 2013/5/26 13:03

Joined: 2011/7/2
From: Bulgaria
Comments: 558
 Re: Newsletter 163
Nintendo and other scumbag devs like them are complete morons. I am doing playthroughs on my channel sometimes and every god damn time I get "matched third party content" because the video apparently is owned by EA or other douchebags. Even on the older games. I did a Contra 1 and 2 No Death Run vids and I got matched third party content by KONAMI - W T F...