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Clan Council : Newsletter 92
Posted by Hydro on 2012/1/1 15:22:04 (3342 reads)

Happy New Year Wolves!! Look it's Snooze's bubbles!

2012 is a big year for the WPC, you'll soon find out why! mwahahahhaahaha

Let's get on to the good shtuff, Cherry's Interview by HalfDemon!

[WPC]HalfDemon: It is the Pro, Cherry! How you doin? Did you enjoy
your Christmas?
[WPC] Cherry <3: Herrro! Thank you for calling me a PRO, cuz I rly am.
Oh yeah, first of all, I like trains (
There. Now we can continue. Erm, I'm kewl today :) ..awww, and, about christmUs,
I'am a muslim, but I enjoy it, cuz not so many ppl know that so I get presents on Steam
^^ I make love to christmus (
[WPC]HalfDemon: Good good! But before we continue, I am dying to know one thing;
why do you have the epic name 'Cherry'?
[WPC] Cherry <3: Oh! That's a long story, to make it short, it goes something like this.
I joined epic BF2 clan many many years ago and everybody had fruit name, so, that day
when I joined I was eating cherrys, so, yeah, I'm now Cherry and I love it :) ..
I'm sweat and sexy O.o
[WPC] Cherry <3: ..and everybody likes "C"herrys :D
[WPC]HalfDemon: mmmm...cherries...
[WPC] Cherry <3: cherries*
[WPC] Cherry <3: yeah, bad ^^ ..sorry for my epic engrish, I'm from
non-english talking country but I'm doing my best..I hope so ^^
[WPC]HalfDemon: Well you speak better english than some of my 'peers' at school
in all honesty. So where do you come from Cherry? What do you do? We want to
know everything about the Pro!
[WPC] Cherry <3: aw yeaaaaaa, thank you HD :) ..I'm from far far away, country
called Hrvatska, or Croatia in english. Lovely country in shape of bird ^^ ..I finished
school for land surveyor and PC hardware, I was working as land surveyor for some
time but not anymore, I got bored :( ..kidna miss that job cuz it was well paid. Now
I'm working at big market store. Atm, I'm preparing for police academy, STOP RIGHT
THERE CRIMINAL SCUM! ..can't wait to tell someone that xD
[WPC] Cherry <3: What else? ..hmhm, many people can't pronounce my surname,
Cauševic, can you? :P
[WPC] Cherry <3: I challenge you! xD
[WPC]HalfDemon: 'cause-vek-eeeee'? I don't know D:
[WPC]HalfDemon: But being in the police, that is COOL.
[WPC]HalfDemon: That's SUPER PRO COOL.
[WPC] Cherry <3: Like a bowse! STOP RIGHT THERE CRIMINAL SCUM!
[WPC] Cherry <3: hmhm, did I say you that I like trains cuz I like 'em a lot
[WPC]HalfDemon: TRAAAAINS! Trains are cruical to mankind's future, I know this
well Pro.
[WPC] Cherry <3: I <3 you
[WPC] Cherry <3: I see a train lover in you
[WPC]HalfDemon: I already am :)
[WPC]HalfDemon: So how did you meet the clan? In a train?
[WPC] Cherry <3: awww, that's cool story ^^ ..when Alien Swarm came out I was
looking for some cool epople to play it with cuz my friends got bored from it really
quickly, so I typed in epic cool search machine Google "Alien Swarm cool people"
and voila, I found WPC :D ..I introduced myself and apparently they liked me ^^ ..
I write down "Hello gays", that was a mistake cuz I wanted to write down "Hello guys" \^^/
[WPC] Cherry <3: And now I'm here, with nice new webnet family :) ..kisses to all WPC members <3
[WPC]HalfDemon: Hehehehe XD
[WPC] Cherry <3: It was too late to edited it cuz many of WPC guys already read it :)
[WPC] Cherry <3: ..and girls <3 :)
[WPC]HalfDemon: Is there anything, if anything, you would like to see change
(or rather 'evolve') in the WPC?
[WPC] Cherry <3: hmmmm
[WPC] Cherry <3: Naaaaah, WPC is perfect to me, lovely people, fun time on
TS and in game :)
[WPC] Cherry <3: Wait! Only one thing bothers me! ..we need little train picture
on our forum, my dream will be fulfilled xD
[WPC]HalfDemon: Of course!
[WPC]HalfDemon: Hemi! Do it NOW! lol XD
[WPC] Cherry <3: Hemi! that's an order! ..and bring me a sandwich! ..I made a joke :(
[WPC]HalfDemon: Well you are the Pro. :P
[WPC]HalfDemon: So what is your favourite game at the moment Cherry?
[WPC] Cherry <3: That's hard to pick, but atm I'm playing Modern Warfare 3 :(
..I hate that game! ..I would rly like to play BF3 but I can't run it on my laptop. And
I wanted so much to play some MP FPS cuz I didn't play anything for a long time!
[WPC] Cherry <3: ..and World of Tanks, when I don't play MW3 I play WoT..with
german tanks of course ^^
[WPC] Cherry <3: and there you go, now oyu know what I play these days :)
[WPC]HalfDemon: Why you no like MW3? Tis a fair game?
[WPC] Cherry <3: True and only modern warfare CoD game is CoD4. All other MW
games are same like CoD4, nothing new, if you exclude new weapons and maps.
Maps in MW3 are poops! ..same as lag, overpowered weapons, glitches, etc. etc.
so much bad things :(
[WPC]HalfDemon: Okey Dokey, I shall not buy it then. Cherry is always right.
[WPC] Cherry <3: ^^'s fun game tho, when you play it with friends :)
[WPC] Cherry <3: But, rather get yourself BF3 :)
[WPC]HalfDemon: Do you have fine moments that you have had in WPC you
would like to share?
[WPC] Cherry <3: Many funny moments, can't remember all of them :) ..
Hemi is rly funny with his Arnold voice..wauuuuuuuuuuu xD ..I love when
I join TS and Whisky says to me "Hellooooooooo Cherry" in some cute,
funny, adorable voice, everytime brings smile on my face ^^ ..and Go!
Bwah! joke with Hydro and others xD ( .
.my brain is overheated atm, but there were many many more funny and cool moments
[WPC]HalfDemon: :D
[WPC]HalfDemon: Anything else you would like to say, Mr. Pro?
[WPC] Cherry <3: Thank you for a interview HalfDemon :) ..and a happy new year
to all WPC members :)
[WPC] Cherry <3: I like trains!
[WPC] Cherry <3: <3
[WPC] Cherry <3: Can I now go play Minecraft? :D
[WPC]HalfDemon: Yeeesh! Bye Bye!

Awww Volim Te Cherry!!

Also! If you havent checked out the Deadspace Server, you should! It's terrifying !

Remember, there's always a wolf in the woods, and a pack celebrating New Years!

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 Re: Newsletter 92

Good interview
Published: 2012/1/1 16:14  Updated: 2012/1/1 16:14

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 Re: Newsletter 92
aw yeaaaaaaaaa, happy new year to everyone! : )
Published: 2012/1/1 17:17  Updated: 2012/1/1 17:17

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 Re: Newsletter 92
Happy 2012 to all!
Published: 2012/1/1 17:57  Updated: 2012/1/1 17:57

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 Re: Newsletter 92
Happy new year everyone! I had a little bonfire to celebrate!

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Published: 2012/1/1 19:11  Updated: 2012/1/1 19:11

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 Re: Newsletter 92
Published: 2012/1/1 19:17  Updated: 2012/1/1 19:17

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 Re: Newsletter 92
MY TREEEEEEEEEEE!! stop reminding me of the horror....
Published: 2012/1/1 22:00  Updated: 2012/1/1 22:00

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 Re: Newsletter 92
Happy new year everyone! Been a bit busy these days, i hope you had a good time!
Published: 2012/1/2 2:57  Updated: 2012/1/2 2:57

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 Re: Newsletter 92
Happy new year y'all from me an MissMorph!
We had a chilled out evening with just the 2 of us on the balcony on the 7th floor
watching the fireworks go off all around us.
It was beautifull and meaningfull as well for both of us this year since we finally got to xperience it 2gether this time :)


X and MissMorph
Published: 2012/1/2 14:48  Updated: 2012/1/2 14:48

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 Re: Newsletter 92
Published: 2012/1/7 22:51  Updated: 2012/1/7 22:54

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 Re: Newsletter 92
Happy New Year WPC!!!

Sorry was so late, but I'm only on my road to recovery now ^^

Hope you all had a smashing 2011! And I hope 2012 is a belter for you as well ^^

Btw Snooze! A bonfire and you didn't invite me??? Very offended lol. Though least you burnt something down