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Clan Council : Newsletter 124
Posted by Snooze on 2012/8/12 11:50:00 (4196 reads)

Newsletter time peeps, and you know when I make a newsletter I love to use a lot of pics to illustrate whats going on...

Something old something new...
We want to involve our oldest members as much as possible as we treasure them like
a bronze medal in pommel horse. Therefor we have come up with a new rank: Wise Wolf
Personally I object to the term "old", basicly its like giving out a senior citizen pass. But
I guess it comes with some perks like acces to the council forums and free public transport.
Their acces to the council forums is purely as an advisory function to the Long Fangs. As
the first four Wise Wolves we would like to grant this honor to for their longstanding membership,
and previous council work are:
Rules of engagement
Mainly the Dayz server has brought up a lot of questioning on how to interact in game with eachother.
Let us all remind you of our wolf codex, wich states very clearly how we feel about the way we play
games with eachother:
  • Please refrain from using so called, "leet" speak, "0mg, I so 1337 you f4cking n00b!"
  • Be graceful when winning / loosing - always show your opponent respect - if you can not do this, leave the game.
  • Most importantly, have fun and dont take the game to seriously!
  • Hacking/exploits or any other 3rd party aid will result in instant BAN!
  • No griefing/ruining fun for other players in any server is accepted
  • Banter is accepted, please always respect the un-written boundaries regarding swearing and getting carried away.
  • Posting funny rubbish on the forums scores top marks with us! gaming is a mere by-product of our community and clan.
  • We are all equals here, no matter what job, rank or length you have been a member, please show other members (And outsiders!) the same respect as you would a family member. We are a family.

This codex can be found here at all times.
New moderator! <3
Like I said before, we cherish our members and specially those who have shown great involvment
in the clan! One of those is that crazy croatian bastard Cherry. We all love you, and I think you'll do
a great job as moderator of the Dayz forums!
New members
No new members this week. We have a lot of people joining these days, and I hope some of the
new applicants are reading this newsletter (points to those that have). Our clan is more than just
a forum, a chatbox or a Dayz server. Its a group of people who most of all enjoy eachothers company.
Show your involvement in the clan, let us get to know you, and we hit it off then glorious things will happen!
I'd like to end this newsletter with a picture of ya'll, I wasnt there to witniss it personally, but I love it
so much!! We used to be just a hand full of people hanging around, and with our numbers growing so
rapidly struggles arise. But this shows how much fun it can be if we're all on the same page! Tinychat page
that is!
And remember, there's always a wolf in a hat!

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Author Thread
Published: 2012/8/12 11:58  Updated: 2012/8/12 11:58

Joined: 2010/2/4
From: The Netherlands
Comments: 5133
 Re: Newsletter 124
hahaha, awsome tinychat pic guys. Noice.
Published: 2012/8/12 12:10  Updated: 2012/8/12 12:10

Joined: 2009/12/14
From: UK
Comments: 1900
 Re: Newsletter 124
Love the pic guys!!

And well done to all who got the new Wise Wolf status!! Tic and Darktiddles: 8 years and still posting!!! I salute you! xoxo
Published: 2012/8/12 12:12  Updated: 2012/8/12 12:53

Joined: 2010/7/29
From: Pula, Croatia/Hrvatska
Comments: 1636
 Re: Newsletter 124
Croatian bastard is really thankful for all your support <3

And that night on TS, I'll never forget that. Was funny as HELL.. and as Woody said several times; ..and shit xD
..or something like that.

I salute to Wise Wolfs : )

Nice newsletter Shnauzi : )

EDIT; btw, we need to add Wise Wolf description to:
Published: 2012/8/12 13:33  Updated: 2012/8/12 13:33

Joined: 2012/1/20
From: Texas
Comments: 140
 Re: Newsletter 124
Everyone has hats but I was in the background talking to my uncle XD. Wish I had one at the time
Published: 2012/8/12 14:13  Updated: 2012/8/12 14:13

Joined: 2010/5/26
From: Northern Ireland
Comments: 1304
 Re: Newsletter 124
Thanks for the status guys. I'm honored ^^
Published: 2012/8/12 14:19  Updated: 2012/8/12 14:19

Joined: 2012/8/3
From: Plymouth, UK
Comments: 49
 Re: Newsletter 124
Like the pics at the end haha :)
Published: 2012/8/12 14:31  Updated: 2012/8/12 14:31

Joined: 2010/4/9
From: Essex, England
Comments: 1634
 Re: Newsletter 124
i dont remember the pic..... and im not there, was i really that drunk?
Published: 2012/8/12 14:33  Updated: 2012/8/12 14:33

Joined: 2010/4/3
From: Bakersfield, California
Comments: 1368
 Re: Newsletter 124
This is sweet...and shit! I am honored!
Published: 2012/8/12 14:38  Updated: 2012/8/12 14:38

Joined: 2009/5/23
From: New York NY
Comments: 2728
 Re: Newsletter 124
Congratz to our newest honored wise wolfs you guys earned it

Published: 2012/8/12 14:38  Updated: 2012/8/12 14:39

Joined: 2010/3/27
From: Newcastle, England
Comments: 1566
 Re: Newsletter 124
Nice job on the new titles guys!

Hasn't Xeno turned out very handsome ;) Nice newsletter Snooze!
Published: 2012/8/12 16:27  Updated: 2012/8/12 16:27

Joined: 2012/6/2
From: Wisconsin- U.S.A
Comments: 112
 Re: Newsletter 124
Congratz to everyone on the new positions. I wish I could've been in the picture since I'm such a fan of TF2, but tiny chat only allowed 12 people at once haha. GO WPC!
Published: 2012/8/12 18:27  Updated: 2012/8/12 18:27

Joined: 2010/2/6
From: Yorkshire born, Yorkshire bred
Comments: 1503
 Re: Newsletter 124
8 years and still posting!!!

Ugh time flys by so fast its not fair. Thanks every one, also well done to cherry
Its a short post as im a bit fresh and il just ramble if i keep going.
Any ways thanks again
Published: 2012/8/12 19:23  Updated: 2012/8/12 19:23

Joined: 2012/3/7
From: Northern Wastelands of Canada
Comments: 258
 Re: Newsletter 124
Nice Hat Party. I want join a hat party. I have this mickey mouse style wizard hat just hanging out doing nothing.
Published: 2012/8/12 20:37  Updated: 2012/8/12 20:37

Joined: 2010/2/9
Comments: 520
 Re: Newsletter 124
thnxs for the status guys .. i am honoured and gratz to all
Published: 2012/8/12 21:37  Updated: 2012/8/12 21:37

Joined: 2012/8/1
From: Manchester
Comments: 158
 Re: Newsletter 124
Grats to all the gents that got a new title, well deserved!

Loving the pic, tiny chat was great fun.
Published: 2012/8/13 11:37  Updated: 2012/8/13 11:38

Joined: 2011/5/1
From: Ab'Dendriel
Comments: 293
 Re: Newsletter 124
Aw man.. missed out on some good hat action.

Congratz to the wise dawgz!
Published: 2012/8/13 12:58  Updated: 2012/8/13 12:58

Joined: 2010/6/6
From: Holland
Comments: 1149
 Re: Newsletter 124
@ Zeeky: yeah i did this special beauty holiday thing and im pretty happy
with the result myself as well hehe :D