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Clan Council : Newsletter 122
Posted by HalfDemon on 2012/7/29 19:49:04 (3307 reads)

There will be some fairly big changes to our clan which will be coming in the following weeks.

As some of the members may know, recent events have raised significant points as to the current procedures in place. With these issues and feedback from the community, the council is in discussion with the founders to bring the Codex - our guiding code - to the current times. The original Codex was in fact written over twelve years ago, as such, our community has expanded to a number that was not predicted to achieve at the time of its creation.

Any changes to the current operation of our community is still under great debate, however, I can state what will be under change in the coming weeks;

Recruitment and Banning will see a revamp.

The Codex will be re-written to fit modern times.

Rules will be more plainly set.

Guidelines will be more accessible.

These modifications will;

Put more focus on core and returning members.

Help define our community and members.

Assist in uniting our community to be more tightly-knit.

Generally create a more peaceful atmosphere.

Nothing huge will come about from this set of updates. The Council and Founders are merely tightening some loose bolts that have slackened in the march of time. Yet in order for our foundations to be solid and comfortable, we require feedback from the heart of our community. Please, if there is anything that is bugging you or causing concern, then write in the feedback thread so that the Council can fix any issues at hand. If the issue is too personal or could become misinterpreted then throw any of the Council members a message or speak to us on the Teamspeak channel. We don’t bite. I know the other four don’t anyway...

Thank you for your co-operation J

A link to the feedback thread; Feedback

A link to the previous DAYZ server changes; Server Update

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Author Thread
Published: 2012/7/29 20:16  Updated: 2012/7/29 20:16

Joined: 2010/2/4
From: The Netherlands
Comments: 5133
 Re: Newsletter 122
change is good! :D
Published: 2012/7/29 21:05  Updated: 2012/7/29 21:05

Joined: 2010/2/19
From: the Netherlands
Comments: 2442
 Re: Newsletter 122
Wawa for president!
Published: 2012/7/30 1:30  Updated: 2012/7/30 1:30

Joined: 2012/6/2
From: Wisconsin- U.S.A
Comments: 112
 Re: Newsletter 122
As long as it isn't Barrack Obama change I'll optimistically look forward to it lol
Published: 2012/7/30 6:11  Updated: 2012/7/30 6:11

Joined: 2011/8/24
From: Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Comments: 279
 Re: Newsletter 122
I DEMAND SATISFACTION!!! satisfaction being rum, coke, and killing floor.
Published: 2012/7/30 19:03  Updated: 2012/7/30 19:03

Joined: 2012/3/6
From: my own personal hideout in the mountains
Comments: 367
 Re: Newsletter 122
indeed change is good.
Published: 2012/7/30 23:09  Updated: 2012/7/30 23:09

Joined: 2010/7/29
From: Pula, Croatia/Hrvatska
Comments: 1636
 Re: Newsletter 122
Looking forward for new things ^^
Published: 2012/7/31 22:02  Updated: 2012/7/31 22:02

Joined: 2011/3/6
From: Melboure, Australia
Comments: 438
 Re: Newsletter 122
Change is always good, except when its bad, then its not good