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     What does the WPC mean to you?!
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Posted on: 2014/8/30 16:21

Joined: 2010/11/3
From: New York
Posts: 402
What does the WPC mean to you?!
When i first joined the WPC,i was a little worried that i wouldn't fit in due to the issues i had with some members a while back on the TWI forums

But as i chatted more and more with great members In T.S. like DJWoody,B2,Buzz,Whisky,Sinwars,Blade and many others,i got to know what the WPC was really about.

Its about friends,having fun,playing games and most of all it was about brothers from all over the world getting together to have a great time and to forget all your cares and worries out in the world.

Im very glad to have met these wonderful people and played some great games with them,and i hope to have many years of doing the same thing with them.

So to me,WPC isn't really a clan,but a family and brotherhood and that will never change in my mind

Thank you Solo and buzz and even B-2 for being as awesome as you are

And thank you everyone for trusting me and giving me a shot at being a better person.


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Posted on: 2014/8/31 0:10

Joined: 2012/5/24
From: Behind you. (Netherlands :D)
Posts: 800
Re: What does the WPC mean to you?!
Been here a little over two years now, I believe. Still can't believe how welcoming a bunch of you were and I've had some of my best days with a bunch of you.

Sure, ups and downs were had but I'm glad to have been calling myself a part of WPC. I'm glad others feel as strong about it as well, and still am saddened to see the place died down so much and feel powerless about it. Whatever the case, I'll keep wearing my tags for a long happy while.


They see me flyin', they running
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Posted on: 2014/8/31 11:45

Joined: 2010/2/6
From: Yorkshire born, Yorkshire bred
Posts: 1503
Re: What does the WPC mean to you?!
I joined the WPC because it was only clan that I came across that didn't act like a bunch of douche bags in the clan server and had alot of fun.
Every thing was nice and easy going compared to other clans where everything was strict and every one had to be leety and every one had to go to practice sessions etc etc.

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Posted on: 2014/8/31 20:59

Joined: 2010/11/3
From: New York
Posts: 402
Re: What does the WPC mean to you?!
Thank you Virion and Tic for posting your meaning of the clan...
Come on people,i want to hear your story

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Posted on: 2014/9/1 1:40

Joined: 2012/8/9
From: Nova Scotia, Canada
Posts: 147
Re: What does the WPC mean to you?!
I guess I will since I have time and not many people seem to be posting (I check the forum every day, still dont post tho xD)

So I haven't been a member for super long, maybe two or so years now since I joined when I was 16 and ill be turning 18 this coming November. When I joined I had just gotten out of a year long relationship that had ended pretty badly (I got dumped for another guy .etc). I was pretty depressed and lonely after that happened. Alex had been still there for me to talk to but lately he kept telling me about the clan's DayZ server. He explained a bit of what went on in the server as well as the teamspeak and kept pushing me to join (this was before and after the breakup). So I finally said screw it and joined up because I figured I had nothing to lose xD. It ended up being a great decision. The friends I made here helped me get through the depression (I know people are gonna make fun of me for having been 16 and depressed over a break up but I mean after being with someone for a year and them jumping out of your life as violently as this was it still hurts(some people know what happened some dont I wont go over it). It actually helped allot to have so many people to talk to and hang out with. So I kinda owe it all to alex for pushing me to join and to my ex for doing the crap she did xD

All in all (TLDR)the WPC is/was like a very dysfunctional family to me that helped me through a rough time. I still miss it back when I first joined because there were so many of us that were pretty close friends and hung out day after day. And now none of us speak to each other at all either because of quitting the clan, or conflicts internally, or whatever. We all seem to have pretty much gone separate ways, but I still remember the good times.
Posted on: 2014/9/1 15:46

Joined: 2013/1/14
From: New York
Posts: 112
Re: What does the WPC mean to you?!
I can be on more finally cause i gots a new laptop! :D

Anyway I joined about a year or so ago i believe and everyone was nice and fun to talk to. Yeah I thought everyone had mental issues or something cause half the time stupid conversations were going on that was just awkward and hilarious but thats what was fun about being in ts. I always loved coming on to see what people were doing and see if people wanted to play stuff. Then everything changed when the fire nation attacked......Got a little off topic but anywhooooo. I mean right now I know that there are rough things going on but I cant wait for everyone to come back together. Because i felt like WPC was a family to me cause everyone was nice to each other and would joke around a lot, just like normal brothers and sister do. But I want everything to go back to the way things were and just have fun with everyone without drama.

Anyway I miss how things were when i joined and its still awesome to be in this clan/family :D
Posted on: 2014/9/1 16:31

Joined: 2010/11/3
From: New York
Posts: 402
Re: What does the WPC mean to you?!
Lol Sendo,it was less than 2 years ago brother..thanks for posting your thoughts
Good to see you back Blitz..and thank you for your post,means a lot to me

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Posted on: 2014/9/1 19:54

Joined: 2012/3/7
From: Northern Wastelands of Canada
Posts: 258
Re: What does the WPC mean to you?!
Saying the fire nation attacked wouldn't be going that far off-topic actually. Some terrible dark things happened, Travesties were had and regrets were made.

For me? Well, I don't have any fantastic stories about WPC saving my life, sanity or self confidence with your camaraderie. I'm more of an "in real life" kind of person rather than living on the internet.


You guys were cool. The first clan I've ever joined. The only one still, actually. Here it wasn't about the skillz, the roflstomping, killstreaks and otherwise stroking each others e-penis'. Closer to showing up at a bar after work and listening to people bitch about their day. Except the bar doesn't actually exist except outside of Buzz's server room, The drinks are whatever is in our own respective fridges, and the metephorical loud douchebags are punks that somehow got ahold of the IP when they really shouldn't have.

We could show up and listen to people and their wisdom (by which I mean people modding way too many things about killing floor), or cherry who should probably just open up his own "... says the darndest things" radio show or otherwise someone would probably have a story somewhere.

It's sad that things have come to the point where they are now, maybe a post a day, days between shoutbox comments, and nobody really knows where our glorious leaders are. More than anything else I hope everyone comes back like they said they will.

So thats what WPC means to me, its a metaphorical bar on the internet that until somewhat recently, was free of the dickweeds that plague the 'net.

Works night shift, I'm only functional 5pm-11pm (9pm-3am GMT) to clear up time zone problems

Posted on: 2014/9/1 20:34

Joined: 2010/6/6
From: Holland
Posts: 1149
Re: What does the WPC mean to you?!
Right since many of you honestly spit out what personal reason you ended up here with WPC i'll do the same.

A month ago before i joined WPC my relationship with my g/f ended as well, so i decided i needed some distraction. s
So, i turned to the ultra time consuming thing called mapping for source SDK (HL2).
The first map took a ton of time since i got the scale wrong and lost progress half way, so i googled my map to see how it was doing.
Then i saw a post on WPC mention my map posted by Hemi that said the map didnt work.
Thats when i joined to ask what was wrong with it but it turned out to be on the servers end of things.

Kinda stuck around a while and got here just before the killing floor glory days.

As you can see on my profile its says: "Joined: 2010/6/6", can't believe it's been that long ago allready.

I'd still like things to go back they way they ware back then because even while being at home i had a great time hanging out with people that ware cool and crazy.

As you can tell from the posts above, people are still checking in dayly, hoping for something good to happen that makes it get back to what it used to be.
Meaning we all can't let go of WPC just yet :)

I still think the biggest problem is the fact there aren't any good new games out that we can play together tho.

Thats what brought most of us here in the first place.
Been thinking about hopping into TS as well a couple of times to lure pople in but half the time it's down lately, doesn't really help :/

Infinite creativity!!!
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Posted on: 2014/9/1 21:02

Joined: 2010/2/9
Posts: 520
Re: What does the WPC mean to you?!
i joined ages ago back in the days of avp2 with mr oaksy * that was a very long long time ago *

what i loved was as tic put it above . the freedom to play to game and make friends with out the strictness of having to train all the time

its the closeness and friendships i have made that still keeps me nipping onto the site upto this day .. Buzz / Solo / Tic / B2 etc etc everyone in the clan is family


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