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     Review of AvP Demo: First thoughts?
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Posted on: 2010/2/16 18:33

Joined: 2010/2/4
From: The Netherlands
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Re: Review of AvP Demo: First thoughts?
Gamespot can suck it. Ive just returned from a Marine game in the demo. It playes like a charm!!!!!!!!!!! I can see myself getting good at this. And the console controls are great! They really work brilliantly! Some long nights ahead my friends, long nights indeed!

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Posted on: 2010/2/17 21:06

Joined: 2009/12/14
From: UK
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Re: Review of AvP Demo: First thoughts?

Aliens vs predator - a revisit to my fav FPS game.

Before we start, I am a fan of the game, not massive on the films, but hell i like being a predator so i am bias in such a way. but to be fair, who doesnt love the predator?

lets recap on the previous games before we start eating into this one.....

>Avp1 - brilliant - but old

>Avp2 - nice class concept and looking back at it - good balance, rubbish 3d engine - not fast and fluent like the previous or the new, annoying spawn kills

Ok now lets look how this game compared to the top of the shelf like mw2 - or better yet, cod4, as multiplayer sucks hard on the mw2 system.

Ok so Avp 2010 isnt really a MW killer, theres 3 classes to consider for balance, and thats always going to cause controversy. A rock paper scissors kind of melee system is what makes avp different. However, when people get used to something and like that certain "sweet spot", they hate change. If you love mw2 and the simple tdm, ctf and s&d game modes, i can prolly tell you now you wont like avp because it is "too different" to what your used to. Mw Cod4 is more suited to serious tourney play, but i can tell you now that such a small fact will not stop avp becoming one, no matter how weird and controversial due to the fan base it carries. (its like a 11 year old fan base not including the atari version or the films)

So what does that leave us? well the game has been getting reviewed by fans who preferred the old game, fans who prefer every single detail to be like the films or people who prefer the balanced games with familiar game modes like mw cod4 offer.

well heres mine. (from a multiplayer point of view)

AVP.... i was an old avp2 melee predator veteran. i like the way pred was handicapped against aliens in melee, cus when i would win as a result of only using a melee spear it would usually mean i kick ass. my how times have changed....

Firstly weapons, theres not many of them

predator has 4 weapons, mines (cost energy), spear (is like a delayed sniper and not melee and is thrown in a cool fashion), plasma mounted shoulder cannon (auto aim and energy cost) and disc (everyone’s fav weapon)...

nows thats not many, and kind of feels a bit empty, after a few days of constant play you kind of wish there was more, so instead your encouraged to go off and play some other species to keep yourself amused.

each of preds weapons are power hitting juggernauts, they hurt and usually result in one hit kills, however some of them are a little slow to pull of, with a rough delay of 1 sec. this makes the cloaking melee beast effective in a very certain style of play. (hes not a run and gun class like the other two)

his other benefits are cloak and the fact he has the most health

but weapons is not all you get - predator has now advanced in melee - he can sprint and he can pounce on unsuspecting targets

his visions switches are his advantage and yet his pitfall, 1 vision spots aliens and the other marines and preds, so switching vision usually gets you killed but in hand gives you good sight on said target.

he can block melee attacks, throw a light attack and a heavy attack (like aliens)

the system works like this

alien and pred:

each have light attack (LA), heavy attack (HA) and block (BLK)

LA is instant but can be blocked

HA takes a second to "wind up" but does more damage and stuns but cannot be blocked - however you can use LA to interrupt one - HA also has longer range, aliens HA is longer than preds HA

marine can BLK and use LA but has no HA (he has nades and bullets)

if any class throws a LA, and this is blocked by the target, the target can do a LA back which is a counter attack stunning you. (this makes for good melee fights and give a marine a close encounter advantage)

a pounce is like a long range LA and can be blocked in the same way as LA and countered - if you pounce from max range you knock the target down (aliens and preds can pounce)

IF YOU DO NOT LEARN THIS AND JUMP INTO THE GAME LIKE A MW PLAYER YOULL PROLLY PUT THE GAME DOWN AFTER 5 MINS AND HATE IT - the controls and blocking/countering rock paper scissors moves are not very well introduced by the game, most players had to work this out for themselves to enjoy it. I give you a head start by giving you this info

when close and performing melee attacks youll be put into an auto aim state thus making aim not a problem, allowing you to focus on your moves

there is no classes, each has to pickup weapons around the maps

theres different game modes like survivor (like l4d2) and predator hunt modes

alien can see through walls, has the melee system, can climb walls and ceilings, has an instant HA if using wall walk and has an amazing sprint. alien has 2nd most hit points, pred has the most, marine 3rd. hes wall walk is awkward at first but gets easier as you master it and learn the maps. a crosshair on screen goes black donating your in a dark area for a stealth kill and lets you know when your well hidden by the shadows

using aliens special vision through walls allows you to wait till your target is engaged in a fight or has his back turned before you even consider sprinting round the corner.

marine has sniper, pistol, motion tracker, flame thrower, pulse rifle with nades, smart gun which auto aims and sprint and block and LA, his sprint isnt very fast and his vision is dark but he has a torch. he also has a shotgun, which when using alt fire kills in one shot up close. he uses the butt of his weapons to LA and block and ambushes using his motion tracker to tell when people are approaching making him aware. because of the scared atmosphere the marine class puts you in you feel more inclined to team up. melee kills are the most satisfying to pull off making you feel like the ultimate bad ass. Teaming up with your mates using mics is the best experience to film ratio i have ever encountered. "I GOT MOVEMENT!"

the graphics are superb, atmospheric and will keep you very much entertained no matter what all these other reviews say.

there are also trophy kills and stealth kills for the predator and alien. people say they are cheap but its like using the knife in mw. its a guaranteed kill yet it puts you in an animated state for 5 secs where the chosen species rips the target to shreds in his own little way giving enough time for someone to come up behind you and do the same, so use them when in rooms one on one alone. you simply press "e" when your behind your opponent, or if you knocked them down or stunned them you can do it facing them, however this can be countered from the front. its visually appealing but gets boring after a couple of days if you just want to get the kills and not feel like your in a movie.

all in all a good game, but with a very niche taste for fans, well balanced but also chaotic and careless at times. its fun without being tourney serious, which makes it hard to take seriously for some not to play it.

the demo is a bad example with 1 map and a FFA mode, this game shines when your teamed up with your species

pred can heal using energy
marine uses stims
aliens regenerates out of combat

melee vids you should watch

the pc version supports dedicated servers and theres a ranked server for earning xp and unlocking skins

this game is mainly bashed by those who don’t like different FPS games which didn’t imitate the last, and is quicky hated due to people not learning or spending enough time figuring out the melee system or people who generally liked the old games and don’t like the changes in this game - i personally would rather not see an updated AvP2 - cus i played it to death, so in this case change is good.

I give it a 8/10 – it’s a good adaptation but could be better, but at least its different – theres little bits a bobs which make it innovative but then theres not a lot either that hasn't been done else where in some shape or form. has a lack of weapons but fans will enjoy if they aren't to anal about the films

if your not a fan of the franchise and cant use the games atmosphere to just feel like something from the movies (and not take it to seriously) i cant see its longtivity lasting for players seeking a game they can really get thier teeth into


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Posted on: 2010/2/18 11:59

Joined: 2009/12/14
From: UK
Posts: 1902
Re: Review of AvP Demo: First thoughts?
written by Killstick

"Aliens vs Predator™ is an entirely new title for PC and high-definition consoles from acclaimed British developer Rebellion, the team behind the 1999 original PC gaming classic.

Bringing the legendary war between two of science-fiction’s most popular characters to FPS fans, AvP delivers three outstanding single player campaigns and provides untold hours of unique 3-way multiplayer gaming.

Experience distinctly new and thrilling first person gameplay as you survive, hunt and prey in the deadly jungles and swamps surrounding the damned colony of Freya’s Prospect."

THE SINGLEPLAYER consists of 3 diffrent Campaigns, one for each species.

Marines: You are PRIVATE BADASS sent to find out what could possibly have gone wrong at the Xenomorph breeding and research facility built on an ancient Predator temple.
Predators: You are ELDER HUNT LEADER BADASS sent to find out what could possibly have gone wrong at the ancient Predator temple built under what used to not be a Xenomorph breeding and research facility.
Alien: You're in a tube and you don't know what the gently caress, then there's this guy in a white coat and you kill him and his friends. Also there's lasers but you kill them too.

THE MULTIPLAYER contains several diffrent modes of play beyond the regular Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch:

Predator Hunt - Join a team of Marines to hunt the deadliest hunter of all! All players play as Marines but one, who plays as the Predator. Only the Predator can score points by killing marines. When a Marine kills the Predator he becomes the Predator and can in turn score points.
Infestation - All players start as Marines but one, who starts as an Alien. Every time a Marine is killed by an Alien, he respawns as an Alien himself. The game ends when all marines are dead or the time runs out.
Survival - Team up with your friends to fend off wave after wave of AI controlled baddies.
Domination - Take and hold control points against the opposing team(s).
Mixed Species Deathmatch - Compose your team of all the different races to cover eachothers weaknesses.



Marine is the class you play when you want to poo poo your pants. The game appears darker, you have a smaller FOV, and you're armed with mediocre guns and the worst flashlight ever created. Appearently, in Aliens canon, flashlights are powered by the same batteries found in calculator watches.

Mouse1: Fire
Mouse2: Alt Fire (usually owns)
Mouse3: Melee (tap)/Block (hold) (you should probably rebind this to Q)
Space: Jump
Q: Sprint (you should probably rebind this to shift)
T: Flashlight
H: Health Syringe
Number Keys: Weapons change


Health: the Marines' health system is reminiscent of Far Cry 2. You have 3 segments to your health, and each one recharges individually - if you lose one and a half segments, only the 2nd one will recharge. When you use a syringe (green pickups - you spawn with 2 and can hold 3) it takes you back to full health.

Motion Tracker: It tracks motion! This thing is way useful and you should be looking at it. It will even detect motion behind you, however it won't show range for that unless you turn around. And remember, just because the room ahead looks clear doesn't mean it is. If there's movement but you don't see anything, look up!

Flashlight: While it makes it a bit easier to see enemies on dark maps, it also makes it a lot easier to see you. A predator that's using Alien vision mode will have a much harder time seeing a marine if that marine has his flashlight turned off, and Predators spend a lot of time in Alien vision mode.

Watch out for alien blood! It's toxic. Doesn't do a lot of damage, but if you're way low on health it can gently caress you over.


Pulse Rifle
Fire - Automatic fast firing.
Alt Fire - Grenades (yellow pickups on map)
The pulse rifle is your starting weapon, and it kind of owns. It has a massive loving clip, and you can pick up grenades that do a decent amount of damage. The downside is that it doesn't do a lot of damage and it has a huge muzzle flash that can make it impossible to see what you're firing in dark areas. A direct hit from the alt fire grenade kills anything. The grenade is affected by gravity so the further you want it to go, the higher you have to aim. Don't be afraid to shoot the grenade launcher at close range, you have to be litteraly point blank to die from the splash damage.

Fire: Semiautomatic shootin' a dude
Alt Fire: 3 shot burst
Pistol has infinite ammo, but don't use it. Thing blows.

Shotgun [heeeelll yeah]
Fire: Shoot a dude with one barrel
Alt Fire: Shoot a dude with two barrels (this is the correct way to shoot a dude)
Alt fire can take down an alien in one hit if you're lucky, but you'll probably want to press that button a few times just in case. The range is really drat short though, so just let the melee classes come to you.

Sniper Rifle
Fire: Shoot a dude
Alt Fire: Zoom
Very powerful but has very few bullets to a mag and even less mags. It can kill a Predator in two shots, and a headshot is a one-hit kill. It can see through cloaked Predators with it's IR scope.

Fire: Shoot a dude... with fire!
Alt Fire: Napalms the floor in front of it.
Does a lot of damage Does almost no damage, has no area of effect, has hilariously short range and you can't see poo poo for all the fire in your face. Avoid it. I mean it, you couldn't kill a fluffy bunny with this thing if you so dedicated your life to it.

Smart Gun
Fire: Shoot a dude, but with autotargeting!
Alt Fire: Toggle auto-seeking
This gun is really cool. It automatically targets movement and highlights enemies through walls. It does quite a bit of damage too, but you will never get a head shot while the auto targeting is on since it always aims at center of mass. While firing, you can't move very quickly, and you can't sprint while holding it. It also takes up both of your weapon slots. Use this to show your fellow marines where to shoot.


Mouse1: Left Stab (Light Attack)/Pounce (in Focus)
Mouse2: Right Stab (Heavy Attack)
Mouse1+Mouse2: Block
Mouse3: Fire Secondary Weapon (See below)
Space: Jump/Jump to Ledge (see below)
F: Switch Vision Mode
Q: Sprint
Shift: Focus
R: Cloak
H: Heal
1: Select Plasma Caster
2: Select Mines
3: Select Disc
4: Select Combistick

Cloak: Stand still and you're undetectable by humans unless they have a Smartgun with auto-tracking enabled or are looking through a sniper scope. Aliens couldn't care less about your cloak. All weapons break stealth when used. The faster you move the less you'll look like a cloaked Predator and more like a vampire from twilight. When moving in a dark area turning off your cloak to minimize shimmer is advised against marines.

Healing: You heal with H (default). This costs energy in multiplayer and healing shard pickups in single player.

Jump to ledge: While in Focus you can target any ledge and jump to it, this is very useful to get to places and to escape dire situations. The predators focus jump has varying windup depending on the angle and distance of the jump. Take this into consideration when moving during combat. A short jump might be better to get away from an alien then a long jump.

Secondary Weapon: The predator weapon system works like this. You have your claws out, this is your primary weapon. You can pick up up to 4 additional weapons and select them using your number keys 1 - 4:


Claws: This is your Primary weapon. Do not underestimate these, they tear aliens apart and completely ruin the day of any Marine that steps within 20 yards of you. The claws combo greatly with the Plasma Caster: Caught off guard? Tap a quick plasma on the target and follow up with a Pounce and rip into it with your claws!

Combistick: Throw it at people to one-hit-kill them. It has no targeting laser, has a short 2 second cool-down but unlimited ammo. It's a sneaky sniper but hitting a moving target is hard as hell.

Plasma Caster: Short tap to fire small stunning bolt, hold to charge and blow poo poo up. When charging a targeting laser appears and locks on your target for tracking. This laser is visible to everyone so expect to get noticed instantly when aiming this thing.

Disc: Throws a Frisbee of Death at your aiming laser, it bounces around and follows your lead to an extent. The laser is active for the entire duration and will draw attention to you. Kills instantly when it hits.

Mines: They're proximity mines. Throw them behind you in one direction and aim in the other to fool aliens into a reverse ambush. Also, put one behind you when using energy recharger's in multiplayer. Any alien scum that tries to do a E kill on you is in for a nasty surprise * Que Predator laughter*

The Mines and the Plasma Caster use Energy. Energy can be recharged at glowing energy boxes found throughout the levels. This takes a few seconds and is very likely to get you killed if you're not cautious.


As an Alien, you are the best dick ever. You can sprint faster then... well anything, you can run circles on the ceiling confusing your enemy (and yourself), and you can do all sorts of crazy poo poo that can destroy marines.

Mouse1: Claw (Light Attack)/Pounce (in Focus)
Mouse2: Whip Tail (Heavy Attack)
Mouse1+Mouse2: Block
Mouse3: Transition (see below)
Space: Jump/Jump to Surface (see below)
Q: Sprint
Shift: Focus
R: Hiss (be a dick to marines who are making GBS threads they drawers)

Surface transition - Basically, this means running on walls and poo poo. By default, you have to use Mouse3 to do this, however, this can be turned off in options so you can run around freely. It is still used to quickly go from ceiling or wall to floor with that option off, however.

Jump to surface - This is a really obscure one. Basically, your crosshair will turn from having one vertical line to having three when you aim at a surface you can jump to (any surface within a certain range). Hitting space will jump to that surface and rotate you in air.

Sprint - Use this all the time. Aliens are so fast that they can run any time they're getting shot.

Stealth: Your cross-hairs will fill with black when the game thinks you're hidden in shadows, the game is actually pretty good at judging this.

Claw: Wave at people to turn them into mush, does not use an aiming laser and has unlimited ammo. Comes with 5 fingers 4 fingers 8 fingers that are fused together to form 4 double fingers.

Tail: The aliens heavy attack. Hang from the roof and poke marines in the head with this for instant kills. The attack windup duration changes depending on if you're positioned on the floor or not. When you are sitting on a wall or in the roof the tail swipe turns into a fast and lethal stab that kills marines instantly if it hits in the head, and predators in two stabs in the head. It also stuns in such a way that you can keep an enemy stunned for as long as you want (untill they die). When using "E" to sneak kill. remember to wash your tail afterwards. Hygiene is important.


1) JOIN THE STEAM GROUP AND JOIN THE GROUP CHAT. The steam group is now invite only. Ask for an invite in the steam group chat.

2) Launch the dang game.
3) Chat with your fellow goons in the steam chat and set up some games!
4) Go to the menu on the right, right click on that person's name, and click join game.


Here's some instant experience for you all, just add water:


Here is a video showcasing the melee system.

Here is a thread on the steam forums with very detailed tutorial videos for each races melee system.

The general system is: Light attack > Heavy attack > Block > Light attack.

Block Counter: If you block a light attack follow quickly with a Light Attack of your own to do a Block Counter that stuns the opponent.

Heavy Counter: If your enemy is winding up a heavy attack against you interrupt it with a light attack to perform a Heavy Counter that stuns the opponent.

Fake Heavy: If you initiate a heavy attack, and then initiate a block once the animation starts you will fake a Heavy attack. To an opponent it looks like you are initiating a heavy attack and they will try to interrupt (light attack) which ends up landing on your block, leading to a Block counter.

Experiment with it because there are a lot of ways to do the wrong thing and die, and there are many combos that work against different match-ups. I've listed a few below, but far from all.

How to kill a Marine as an Alien:
Hold shift and press Mouse one to pounce, then do a heavy attack (mouse 2).
Sit on a wall / Hang from a roof and headstab them with your tail, kills instantly.

How to kill a Predator as an Alien:
Sneak up on them, predators are very strong head to head against aliens. Try and stun them with your tail and finish with a grab or more tail, light attacks are not very good against Predators. Use your mobility and circle around them but watch out for their tracking heavy attack.

How to kill a Marine as a Predator:
Hold shift and press mouse 1 to pounce, finish with anything.
If a Marine surprises you flat footed get a sprinting start and do a focus pounce. The Marine will be knocked on his back and completely hosed (or you'll eat shotgun in the face, one of the two). Wheter or not the marine is knocked down depends on how far away the pounce was initiated from. The farther the better.

How to kill an Alien as a Predator:
Block the first blow and do a light attack, follow with a heavy and finish with a light or grab. If the aliens first blow is a heavy (tail) break with a light attack and follow with a heavy, finish with light or grab.
If you get the drop on an alien the best opener is the pounce from range or a light attack from behind. Wheter or not the Alien is knocked down depends on how far away the pounce was initiated from. The farther the better. After your first move the alien will be stunned for a split second, follow instantly with a heavy attack and finish with a light attack.

How to kill an Alien as a Marine:
SHOOT IT, if it gets too close, block the first blow and do a quick rifle-butt and the alien will be knocked onto the floor and your weapon will automatically track the alien. If the alien starts with a tailwhip try to break it with a quick riflebutt and die.

How to kill a Predator as a Marine:
SHOOT IT, if it gets too close SHOOT IT MORE. If you manage to block a light attack do a rifle-butt and the predator will become stunned for half a split second. Your rifle will gravitate towards a head shot. You have a moments chance to take that head shot before the Predator exits stun and kills you.

Or if you don't like complexity you can SPAM E TO WIN. When you SPAM E TO WIN you always win, but you also often die. How is this possible? When you SPAM E TO WIN you are locked in a kill animation for up to 7 seconds, so anyone that happens to run past can give you a friendly Tail/Bullet/Combistick in the back of the head free of charge.

SPAM E TO WIN comes in a few different flavours. There's the Stealth Kill version that enables when you're standing behind an opponent (SPAM E TO WIN). There's the Grab version that enables when you are standing in front of your opponent and they are stunned or knocked down. Both kill instantly but locks you in a long animation.


If your brightness is way low in the menu and in game, reset your graphics options and restart. It will now be fixed but it will break again if you touch your brightness slider, so don't.


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Posted on: 2010/2/18 14:36

Joined: 2010/2/4
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Re: Review of AvP Demo: First thoughts?
hmmm why are there full reviews of the game in the review the demo thread? Ive made one specially for reviews of the full game... ):

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Posted on: 2010/2/18 14:39

Joined: 2009/12/14
From: UK
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Re: Review of AvP Demo: First thoughts?
this is the thread that links from the top of google

also - these reviews are based on demo play


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Posted on: 2010/2/18 14:45

Joined: 2010/2/4
From: The Netherlands
Posts: 5133
Re: Review of AvP Demo: First thoughts?
aaaah, that sounds logical let me help google then :


ahum... lol

its cewl, didnt know that..

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