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Posted on: 2011/6/14 20:36

Joined: 2010/4/9
From: Essex, England
Posts: 1635
TeamSpeak 3 Usage Rules
TeamSpeak 3 Usage Rules

  • No extreme use of language

  • No Extreme Topics

  • DO NOT talk over people (where possible(ie will be hard to do in a very full channel, and Talking over someone because you stubbed a toe and wanted to explain it to everyone in every minute detail starting with getting out of bed in the morning, gets a little annoying))

    ^^^^[Context is key here: important or game - talk over, irrelevant blithering - dont talk over wait your turn

  • Respect other peoples views and opinions (to Quote Bambi "if you dont got nuttin nice to say, dont say nuttin at all")

  • No Racial, Sexual orientation, Religious or Political Slurs

  • No name calling (However slight it can still offend)

We have all done something from the list above, and it has recently got out of hand.

The council does not want to rule your every move with and iron fist, but we have to tone down a little.

We have young people knocking about somewhere, so we cant really afford to be bad influences on them, or prevent our members with young children that can hear their TS, from joining the server.

So dont be surprised if you get a slap on the wrist if you get carried away, we just need some decorum....

have a good day now



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Posted on: 2011/6/14 23:40

Joined: 2010/6/6
From: Holland
Posts: 1149
Re: TeamSpeak 3 Usage Rules
Yikes! :S
I wonder how much of this stays in mind after a few beers tho?

Infinite creativity!!!
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Posted on: 2011/6/14 23:43

Joined: 2010/4/9
From: Essex, England
Posts: 1635
Re: TeamSpeak 3 Usage Rules
Lol, we are all going to slip up, tbh i already have hehe, just something to keep in mind and not get out of control


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Posted on: 2011/6/15 9:35

Joined: 2010/3/4
From: Schöneck/Germany
Posts: 342
Re: TeamSpeak 3 Usage Rules
Oooh i should be more often in TS 3 ^^ good that i mostly Speak German if i would got pissed i think i would forget speaking english and go nuts in German Language XD

But you still know you can mute Users in TS 3 if they got carryed away to far.

I can Remember where we both got a bit set up in a Thread ^^ and later we both changed things and excuse each other.

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Posted on: 2011/6/15 11:32

Joined: 2011/2/26
From: Brighton
Posts: 171
Re: TeamSpeak 3 Usage Rules
have I missed something interesting in TS lately that has caused the formation of this thread? :s

Stupid exams >.<

[img width=200][/img]

Posted on: 2011/6/15 13:19

Joined: 2011/5/25
From: SouthWest UK
Posts: 2393
Re: TeamSpeak 3 Usage Rules
Not in particular, for the most part it's just been adults being adults. Language, off colour topics etc. Forgetting we have younger members or members with young 'ens floating around.


Posted on: 2011/6/15 14:18

Joined: 2009/5/23
From: New York NY
Posts: 2728
Re: TeamSpeak 3 Usage Rules
kids do curse and we all no this - But as adults we should not encourage this and show are younger members or ANY member that this is the WOLFPACKCLAN way and that we are a bunch of TRASH mouths. Please try and keep the sexual comments to your self or at the very least in a PRIVATE room .

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Posted on: 2011/6/15 15:46

Joined: 2010/7/10
From: Winterhold
Posts: 1418
Re: TeamSpeak 3 Usage Rules
It can be very uncomfortable listening to expletives lol

If you're getting out of hand, a little poke will tell ye to calm down lol ;)

The history of Hydro....thanks to Hemi :D
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Posted on: 2011/6/15 16:08

Joined: 2010/6/10
From: Australia
Posts: 246
Re: TeamSpeak 3 Usage Rules
This is why I stay in my personal room xD

It's like I know no other means of communication.

It's hard to defend rap music. How do you defend "I got hoes in different area codes"?

Posted on: 2011/6/16 17:25

Joined: 2010/4/9
From: Essex, England
Posts: 1635
Re: TeamSpeak 3 Usage Rules
uurm.... Think of them as guide lines as opposed to Iron fisted rules.

We all here to have fun, i suppose we just want people bare in mind some topics of conversation can make others feel a bit uncomfortable, and it may be intimidating for new people to come into TS and enter a world of craziness and confusion..

lotsa love

Lord Dean

King o' the Merpeople.


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