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Poster Thread
Posted on: 2010/6/27 23:19

Joined: 2010/3/27
From: Newcastle, England
Posts: 1566
General Help
Xeno not being able to find out how to apply made me want to make this topic.

This topic is for all new members who want to know a few questoions, feel free to post here and im sure you'll get an answer off of me or any of the other members
Posted on: 2010/7/21 15:15

Joined: 2010/7/21
Posts: 15
Re: General Help
Hey Zeeky it's predator-fan from the other day, i chose the ballhawk avatar but i don't know how to get rid of the ballhawk word and put in my name like you have done, so could you help me out mate?
Posted on: 2010/7/21 15:20

Joined: 2009/12/14
From: UK
Posts: 1900
Re: General Help
it would seem ballhawks avatar is showing as a selectable avatar when it is customised - it should not be in display in this mannar as every individual has a avatar fully customised by hemi (the clans designer) once they get accepted as a full WPC member after the trial process - this is now a technicall issue i will now be investigating

if you want a cool avatar with your name it in, you must pass the trial phase mate - welcome to the site


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Posted on: 2010/7/21 16:05

Joined: 2010/3/27
From: Newcastle, England
Posts: 1566
Re: General Help
Hey mate glad you joined. First you must not edit the avatars Hemi is the only one who can give permission or edit/create avatars. Secondly if somebody already had that design you cant have it but you can request something similar. You need to be accepted by the long fangs this normally takes a week or so.

You can apply for full membership here: ... ications-recruitment.html

Use this as help to what to write in your application: ... -this-before-posting.html
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