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This is the Beginning of the End

 Throughout the universe, the sensation of Slaanesh’s screech of anguish seared the souls of all. From Holy Terra itself, ripples of the energy made the constant illumination that made it so holy, flicker for just a second. Sleeping babes woke from their dreams; spluttering out coarse screams and pleading for their mother’s bosom. Children flocked and skidded down grubby alleyways or pale meadows, the terror white and glaring in their eyes. Women, maids to hags, all clutched their chests and sought air, for a grating pain was rising from their empty wombs.  Full grown men of the Imperium, even those veterans of many wars, juddered at the sensation and sought their comrades in their despair. Even the Adepts Astartes congregated for council and reassurance of this terrible portent, speculating if this was the terminal end of all that they knew, an augury that their Librarians had vaguely glimpsed in their visions of the Warp. The revered Grey Knights too, paled slightly as this shockwave of emotion that had penetrated into the hearts of all mankind, vowing to seek its cause with perhaps a touch of minor consternation that they were paramount to not confess.

Yet it was not just mankind that had been...’touched’ by this omen.

The belligerent orks, perpetually squabbling for their pugnacious superiority over each other, halted, stared at the sky and glanced at each in dismay. Or fled from their crass ‘Weird-Boys’ as they combusted from the resulting wave of emotion, little realising that the Warp had caused the charge to ignite their fellow green-skins. Their rivals, the ‘Gray-Skins’ or more commonly known as the Tau, were also perplexed by the discharge of pain that had been spat out by the Warp. Ethereals, renowned for their unwavering dedication for the Greater Good, abruptly lost the rule of their wise tongues, flummoxed by being pressed by something of the Warp when it was widely acknowledged that they had almost no connection to that hellish place. 

Biological doom, the Tyranids found their hunger for a moment was sated with this pulse of disaster. Their Hive Mind halted with its infinite calculations, considering what this effect could have upon this path of devouring. While active Tomb Worlds sparked with gauss energy, stunned by the Warpish power that saturated its Monoliths and endless ranks with a sudden, new desire to crush the mysterious Warp and its inhabitants.     

No more so, did the Eldar squirm at the injury of Slaanesh. Upon the Craft-Worlds and Maiden-Worlds, awful, discordant choirs of a thousand screams resounded across the majestic hallways of wraith-bone. Eldar clutched their temples as the agony rapt their slender skulls, seeking their gods’ guidance in the face of such agony. Even in the blackest pits of Commorragh, a similar scene was taking place, though here; a few of the darker brethren were frothing from the mouth and the weaker had perished inside. Baleful beings, those slumbering for eons, or those awake for such a length of time, also were interested by this provocative event and the ramifications that had cut through more than two planes of existence – an incident that had not transpired for many billions of lifetimes. 

While Slaanesh’s sudden fear and cry of woe, was a great source of agony, misery and death to scores across the universe, above the skies of Vidiek, this, to one noble and brave warrior, came as a sudden salvation...while being a curse upon another nearby system...


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