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Its Competition time :D

The competition is a Photo competition. Nooo not a game photo a real photo :) The comp will run every month starting this month NOW

The idea is that we get to see each others surroundings, cities, country side and things like that :) Each month there will be a theme chosen by me


The Picture must be taken by YOU.

The picture must be taken in the month of the competition

When taking the picture if it dosent already contain you in the shot then you must take another picture with you in the shot has proof its yours. e.g a view of a sunset, you take the picture then next take the picture again with you in the shot

The picture CAN NOT be edited at all

No nudity or things people would rather not see

If you win one month and then the next you wont win the prize, the prize will be given to second place


It will be a game from steam chosen by me. I will try to find a game u haven't got. So if meemo wins i have a challenge xD


I will be judging the competition. I do not accept bids under £500 ;)

The date for final entries to be submitted is the 27th of every month and the winner will be announced in the following Sunday newsletter

So that's it folks :D get a snapping :)

Come steam deals (or when i get more money) i will buy a but load of games and have more competitions going :D

Have Fun folks :)

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