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A short story for...

 Once upon a time there was a boy named.. actually I don’t know what his real name was, that’s kind of embarrassing. The kids at school all called him peepee. This was mainly due to the fact that he was a very small and scrawny boy, but also because of an unfortunate dodge ball accident. During a friendly match in gym class he had dodged his way around the balls going almost unnoticed by the other players, hiding behind other members of his team. Their opponents had started celebrating their victory already when somebody yelled from the bleachers: “there’s still somebody standing!”. Until that moment peepee had gone by his days fairly quiet, most kids basically overlooked his tiny physique.  But as all eyes turned to him those days were gone. “Hit him!!” The crowd went wild. Peepee stood there in the middle of the gym court, he didn’t think about running, he just grabbed his head and tried to make himself even smaller then he already was. This was going to be bad. It felt like minutes went by with him standing there in fear. Suddenly it had gone all quiet, and after a while he peeked over his arm to see what was going on.  There stood the girl of his dreams, holding the ball in her hand, she looked at him with a strange smile on her face. Why was she smiling? Nothing seemed to happen, and he relaxed his pose to see what was going on. Everybody was still looking at him, when suddenly the crowd burst out in laughter. “Look! He’s peed his pants!” Everyone started laughing and pointing at him. “Peepee! Peepee! Peepee!” they yelled. This actually did go on for several minutes, and it was even rumored the gym teacher took a picture of it and texted it to all the other teachers.  He finally came to peepees rescue after one of the big kids took the ball out of the girls hands and threw it full speed at peepees head. It was aimed very well and hit its target with a huge force. Peepee was knocked unconscious and hit the floor with a terrible nose bleed.

After that day everyone knew who peepee was. Gone were the days of obscurity. People loved calling his name through the hallways, tripping him up with extra points for giving him nose bleeds. In an average week at least once somebody would knock his drink on to peepees trousers and earn fame for one day. Peepee would get terrible rashes from walking around in the damp fabric all day. The worst part was walking back to his house. On a particularly wet trouser day the forty-five minute walk would shafe his skin so badly his mother would rub ointment on him. This was just as embarrassing as walking around in wet trousers so most of the time peepee would hide it from her. For his birthday he had gotten a brand new bike which would have made his trips to school significantly shorter and less unpleasant, but he was too small to ride it so it stood unused. Every day he passed its shiny metal on his way in and out of the door.

As he walked the long way home after another unpleasant day at school he noticed an odd looking old lady behind a fruit stand he’d never noticed before beside the road. She looked bored and surprisingly unhealthy for someone selling fruit, holding a cigarette between her wrinkly old fingers.  It was an unusual place to set up a fruit stand and it looked there hadn’t been many customers around.  Once she noticed peepee walking towards her she shot into action and started calling out some bargains to him like it was a busy market place. “Three bananas for a dollar! Buy one pineapple get one free!” Which was weird because there weren’t any pineapples on the table.  He walked up to the table and looked at all the fruit, it looked fresh and delicious. His lunch hung stuck to the ceiling of the school break room, so he was kind of hungry. Mother wouldn’t mind him snacking if it was fruit, fruit is healthy. He reached out to a large red apple. “Sweetest apples you will find for miles my boy” the old woman remarked. “How much?” peepee asked. “Fifty cents for the apple.  But I have something you might like even better.”  She pointed at a bowl of red fruit at the end of the table. “These are magic, eat them all but don’t throw away the pit. Find the one that is marked and swallow it whole. After you do so, you will be granted one wish.” Peepee looked at her, she didn’t look like she was joking, or as if she thought he was retarded.  “I’ll throw them in with the apple” she added. He was still looking at her face waiting for any signs of trickery. “Well come on boy, I haven’t got all day and I need to get rid of all this fruit by the end of it.” Peepee shrugged. “Kids these days, don’t even get excited about wishes anymore, I blame those damn cellphones” the old lady complained while sticking the fruit in a brown paper bag and handed it to him. He gave her fifty cents and went on his way again. “Oh just one more thing boy!” she shouted after him, “The wish only lasts as long as the pit is inside of you.” Peepee stood still and just stared at her again for a while. She really did seem serious. Then he shrugged again and started walking.

That evening after dinner Peepee sat on the couch eating all the fruit the old lady had sold him, dropping all the pits into a bowl next to him. It really was delicious, his hands and face were stained red from the juices that flowed from the fruit. Once he finished them all he took the bowl to the kitchen and placed it in the sink to clean the seeds. To avoid suspicion he brought the bowl with him upstairs and closed his bedroom door. He picked of one of the pits and looked at it. Nothing out of the ordinary to see. He must be crazy for doing this. He sighed and placed the pit on his desk and glanced through the window. Not like he had anything better to do. So Peepee picked up another pit from the bowl and looked at is closely. Continuing this motion for over an hour he was about to give up when he thought he saw something strange. He turned on the desk light and held the pit underneath it. It had some kind of mark on it, it looked like…a drop. By now it was almost midnight and he felt exhausted. Peepee stood up from the desk chair and rubbed his eyes, jumped around to wake himself up a bit. Then he returned to the desk and looked at it again. It was really there, a tiny drop etched into the pit. He sat there and kept looking at it. After a while he picked it up, stuck it in his mouth, and swallowed. He didn’t have to think long about his wish, he wanted to be big and strong.

The next morning he woke from his mother’s yelping.  “I’m sorry son, sometimes it’s just scary to see how fast you are growing up.” He looked at her with one eyebrow raised as she walked out the room mumbling to herself and shaking her head. Thinking back to the strange events from his dreams he stretched himself and got out of bed. Things felt, different. Once he stepped in front of the bathroom mirror he noticed what it was. He must have grown about 5 inches and his muscles that he had almost started doubting existed, had now given his body definition. He rapped his hand around his bicep, which felt rock hard. Looking back up to himself in the mirror a grin appeared on his face, the grin widened and made it into a smile.

At breakfast he ate a stack of pancakes as big as his former self, threw on his backpack and jumped on his bike. It felt like he almost didn’t have to push on the paddles at all, he raced to school as if riding on sunshine. While putting away his bike he noticed kids staring at him. He was used to them gawking at him, but this time they stood speechless. They couldn’t believe what they saw, and for the first time Peepee enjoyed their stares. He straightened his back to make himself even bigger and strolled into the building. Although he had grown quite a bit, he hadn’t turned into Arnold Schwarzenegger, so not everybody was as impressed with his transformation right away. As he walked through the hallway to his locker one of the kids hanging around stuck out his leg so Peepee would fall. No size would keep you from falling of course, so there he went crashing towards the floor. People started pointing and laughing watching him tumble through the air. They waited for the impact but instead of diving head first into the linoleum floor, Peepee reacted and turned himself into a ball, coming down onto the ground in a head roll. He finished the movement by jumping back up into a fighting stance, fists raised. Jaws dropped. “That was amazing!!” he heard someone whisper, followed by a buzzing sound of whispers all around him.

During class nobody had dared to say anything to him, let alone call him names or make fun. This was the best day of school ever. At lunch he walked into the mess hall without a care on his mind. He ate his lunch without having to hurry before somebody would snatch it from him, which made it taste so much better. At the table next to him sat a group of boys ridden with jealousy of Peepees fortunate day and physique. Of course Peepee had noticed their grumpy faces looking at him while he finished his turkey sandwich. He drank the last of his soda, and then walked up to the table of grumpy boys. “What do you want” the toughest kid said to him. Peepee didn’t speak, he just picked up the boys drink and stood there holding it. The boy was still sitting down and Peepee towered over him holding the drink, his gaze locked onto the boy.  The kid knew what was coming, but he didn’t dare to move.  The whole room had fallen quiet and was watching the both of them. Then Peepee raised the can, and turned it over onto his own trousers! He dropped the empty can into the boys lap and threw his arms in the air cheering. He jumped onto the table and continued his cheering waving his fists in the air. People started clapping and cheering with him, first just a few, then everyone joined in. Clapping and stamping their feet, shouting: “Peepee! Peepee!”  The smile on his face had never been bigger as he finished the rest of his day at school, all be it with a pair of wet trousers.

He jumped on his bike and was about to race back home when he noticed the girl. Slowly he paddled up to her standing there. She glanced at him from under her eyelashes and blushed. With one flick of his head he let her know to get on the back of his bike. And they were off.  Speeding away the miles homewards, she clung to him tightly. Once they got close to their house Peepee slowed down to stretch the moment, she seemed to like the feel of his newly acquired abs. Finally they arrived at her house which was only blocks away from his, and she rushed inside. He cycled the last bit home, and locked away the bike.

After dinner he watched tv with his parents, went upstairs to take a dump and afterwards a nice long shower. As the pit made its way through the sewers, Peepee lay in bed. And while he slept and dreamt of all the wonderful things that had happened that day, he shrank back to his original size.


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