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Purpose in life
Purpose in life

 In a beautifull garden there lived a group of gnomes, garden gnomes. Conchubar stood at the edge of the garden with his fishing rod. 

His neighbour with the shovel called out to him: "Conchubar! Why are you looking so sad again this fine day, us gnomes are a happy folk!" 

It was true, Conchubar had been feeling down for quite some time now. 

"I'm sorry Odhran, I know I havent been living up to the gnome rules of conduct. But I just can't help myself." 

He let out a big sigh and his shoulders seemed to drop even further.

"Well whats the matter then my brother!"

"I've been thinking, about my prupose in life. And I just don't seem be be fulfilling it I think, I feel so incomplete."

"Purpose? Our purpose is to be gnomes and look happy."

"No, I mean what is your favorite thing to do in the whole wide world?"

"Thats easy, digging holes with my shovel!"

"Exactly, and what is Bartley's favorite thing to do?"

"Well smoke his pipe ofcourse! Oh I see where you're going with this..."

"I have this beautifull fishingrod, and no water to use it in! Oh how I long to throw out my line and catch a fish, that would be splendid."

Odhran didn't know what to say, he had never thought about the things Conchubar had been missing out on. The one true pride of a gnome, his hobby. 

"If you want, I could let you have a go with my shovel some time?"

"No thank you, digging holes is your specialty." 


The weeks went by, and the other gnomes in the garden so Conchubar growing more and more depressed. Another beautyfull day passed 

and Odhran looked around the garden. Conchubars sadness had spread to he other gnomes now, nobody seemed to enjoy their hobby anymore 

knowing that he couldnt fulfill his one and only dream. If only there was water around somewhere, a lake, or even a pond. We've got t make an 

end to this madness somehow he tought, its time for a meeting of the gnomes. 


So one night when Conchubar went to bed early, the other garden gnomes came together at the gazebo to discuss the matter at hand. 

"How do we get water to Conchubar?" Odhran asked. There was only the sound of little gnome feet softly scraping the gazebo floor.

"Nobody? Come on people, we've got to be able to come up with something!" 

"I was thinking..." Turlough started. "If we cant bring water to Conchubar, maybe we can take him to the water instead." 

"And how do you suppose we do this my brother?" 

"Ah, yes I have an idea. But it might take some desperate measures from us gnomes."

"I think we can all agree we will do whatever it takes." The crowd mumbled in agreement. 

"Ok, here's my suggestion..."


Conchubar looked across the ever green fields and sighed, he couldn't shake the feeling of being incomplete. The sun was starting to set

behind the big oak tree, and Conchubar decided to call it a night. He was on his way to bed when he tought he heard something behind him,

he turned and saw nothing. Peering through the bushes he stood and waited for another sound, nothing happened. He continued his way to the

dorms when suddenly something jumped at him. Falling to the ground, things started going black and he lost conciousness. 


When he woke up all was still dark. He tried moving but the felt restricted somehow. Where was he? Trying to get up he hit his head, this was

a very small room. How long had he been out? He pressed his watch and the screen lit up. 17 hours?!! Now he really started to worry. The room

started shaking and he got pressed up onto one of the walls, this apparently had happened before because he felt some extremely sore spots

all over his body. Something hit him in the head an he lost conciousness again.


The sunlight was so bright he had trouble opening his eyes. He squinted his eyes to try and see where he was, there was a different smell in the 

air. Something salty. He saw, something blue. A lot of blue. Opening his eyes now he understood what he had smelled. The ocean!! It was all around him.

His smile couldn't get any bigger, this was what he had been dreaming about. Those fish didn't stand a chance! He looked down to his rod, and found a 

note stuck to it.


Dear brother Conchubar,

We hope you enjoy your island holliday! 

See you in a couple of weeks.

The gnomes.

P.S. Sorry about knocking you out and abducting you.



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Author Thread
Published: 2011/4/1 15:53  Updated: 2011/4/1 15:53
Wise Wolf
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From: Winterhold
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 Re: Purpose in life
Snooze I it

Odhran and turlough lol you've been doing your research!
Published: 2011/4/1 20:34  Updated: 2011/4/1 20:34
Old Grey
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 Re: Purpose in life
Ah ah! Love it. Really nice.

Published: 2011/4/1 22:43  Updated: 2011/4/1 22:43
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 Re: Purpose in life
N'awwh now isnt that a cute wee story! It's great!
Published: 2011/4/3 12:47  Updated: 2011/4/3 12:47
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 Re: Purpose in life
In an odd sort of way, I liked it.

Made me smile :)
Published: 2011/4/3 14:42  Updated: 2011/4/3 14:42
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 Re: Purpose in life
Thank you rudeboy and others :D
Published: 2011/4/17 16:40  Updated: 2011/4/17 16:40
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 Re: Purpose in life
P.S. Sorry about knocking you out and abducting that!!!!

snooze u are a wonderful writer