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[WPC] Chronicles : Episode one : Welcome to the WolfPack.
[WPC] Chronicles : Episode one : Welcome to the WolfPack.

A young man walked up to the USMC compound, a duffle bag across his shoulder. The guard showed him into the heavily secured building. Inside Sergeant Shadow was waiting for him, the young soldier gave him the apropriate salute. "Welcome to the United States Marine Corp, Private!". He shook his hand, a bit uneasy about what to expect. He was still in training when a recruitement agent approached him about joining the Marines. Now, one month later, he was about to enter the thoughest crew in the whole army. They turned and walked down one of the corridors.

They had arrived at the dorms. "This is where you'll stay when you're not on a mission." Sergeant Shadow said, he was a large man with a deep voice. A uniform lay on the empty bunkbed, his name was stitched onto the front pocket. He looked around the room, not much to see apart from the empty beds and some personal reminders of home. He thought of his own family and the difficult goodbyes they had said earlier that day. He wondered when he would see them again.

"Lets join the others in the messhall", Sergeant Shadow said. He left his dufflebag beside his bed and followed the Sergeant. The large man had the natural air of a leader. Besides his impressive posture and bellowing voice there was something in the air around him that made you aware of his leadership. They heard music and excited voices coming closer as they approached the door at the end of the hall. "The team is celebrating. They just returned from a succesfull mission." The sound of laughter filled the air, followed by what sounded like howling. The captain opened the door and the Private stepped in. The team sat around a table, drinking from large cups.

The atmosphere was relaxed, the looks on there faces exhausted. One of the Marines came up to them, his hair was long and black, his skintone a couple of shades darker then his own. He looked like a warrior. "Private, this here is 1st Corporal Webley. He will show you the ropes around this place." The soldier wanted to salute him but the Corporal lay a hand on his shoulder to say that wasn't needed at the moment. He smiled at him as he asked, " What do they call you rookie?" "Blaze", the Private answered. "Well Blaze, " Webley said, " Welcome to the Wolfpack".

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