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[WPC] Chronicles : Episode nineteen : On the battlefield
[WPC] Chronicles : Episode nineteen : On the battlefield

 The numbers on their ammo counters were going down fast. If it hadn’t been clear to them all  before, the desperate nature of their situation was obvious now. The xenomorphs kept coming, there bullits kept running out.

“We’re not gonna make it!!” Buzz yelled towards Webley.

Webley didn’t know what to tell his fellow marine and long time friend. There was no solution, no way out. He looked around at his pack, they would all fight to the bitter end. Ganchan was blasting them apart with his shotgun, while Alpha was lighting them up with his flamethrower. In the front he saw Buzz still going with young Conor strapped to his back, the boy dangled limp in the air. Thomas was taking Xeno’s out left and right, meanwhile covering Hemi’s back. This pack was the best there was, and it would be wiped out entirely by this vicious breed of aliens.

 Webley watched it with pain in his heart. Marines started going out of ammo, the xeno’s were closing in. Their packmates tried to defend them, but it was no use. The aliens attacked. They didn’t waste any time, people were being ripped apart left and right. Limbs were torn off, blood sprayed the misty sky red. Web couldn’t stand the screams he was hearing. The marines started panicking, some thought running would was the only option left and they disappeared into the mist. Should he just stay here and let himself be pulled apart or worse by these creatures? Web reached for the grip of his pistol, there was always the other option. 

 A strange noise suddenly sounded above them, it grew louder. Web’s com system starting  transmitting. He thought he heard a voice.

“Hello?!! If anyone can hear me, this is Luitenant Webley of the United States Marine Corp. And we are in immediate need of help!!”

Just seconds went by, but it seemed like hours to him. He pressed his ear up to the system.

“Luitenant!” it blasted out all of a sudden. “Its Zeek sir! I’m nearing you guys with the dropship!”

Web could just about cry. He had just about forgotten about Zeek and Mac back on the dropship.

“Zeek, you’re gonna be my hero for life if you get us out of here. We are in some serious shit down here!”

“I’ll try sir, I’m gonna try and land the ship couple miles east of you.”

“Great, we are getting a move on right now!” He looked around and saw his pack holding on to their last straws. He ran and warned as much of them as possible to get moving. The grim emotions he had felt earlier had been turned around in pure adrenaline. This was not to be the end of his wolf pack. He swallowed as he turned away from the fallen members, there was nothing they could do for them anymore. They would always be remembered. Finally he got to them all and they started running in the direction Zeek would be landing.

 Lights were breaking up the whitness of the mist infront of them.

“I see it! The ship is right ahead!!” Woody yelled out.

The thought of safety being nearby made them kick it up a notch again. Web looked behind him and saw  Buzz lagging behind under the weight of the boy on his back. So close to the ship, Webley couldn’t let anything happen to his second in command now, he let himself fall back a bit and made sure they would get there safe. They could see the ship now.

“Zeek open up, but be ready to close it as soon I say so!”

“Roger that.”

The marines in front got to the ship but stayed outside to cover the entrance and make sure none of the Xeno’s were hitching a ride.

 When they finally all made it in, Web gave Zeek the signal to close it up. Looking around the room he saw about half of the pack left he had started with. They spread across the floor panting from the run to the ship and the battle they had just survived. Fizo was already taking care of the wounded, starting with young Conor. Web assessed the situation, then separated himself from the marines for a while to collect his calm.

 As he returned to the pack a while later, things looked much better then before. The relief of surviving was big now, nobody could yet think about what was lost on that misty battlefield. Most of the survivors seemed to be in not to bad a shape, except for Conor. Fizo had cleaned his wound and hooked him up to an IV. All they could do now for him was wait. He saw Zeeky talking to Buzz and Hemi in the corner and walked up to him.

“Hey Zeek, great timing you had there mate.” And he patted him on the shoulder. Zeeky smiled shily, feeling a bit awkward with all the compliments he was getting.

“I really appreciate that you decided to drop in on us there, but I just have one question for you.”

“Yes sir?” Zeek felt his heart drop, he was gonna get reprimanded for getting there so late.

“What the hell did you blow up in the cargo bay?”  

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 Re: [WPC] Chronicles : Episode nineteen : On the battlefield
One more.......
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 Re: [WPC] Chronicles : Episode nineteen : On the battlefield
Where is 2.0?

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 Re: [WPC] Chronicles : Episode nineteen : On the battlefield
He'll be in next chapter, wich will be the last chapter aswell btw!
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Love it!!! I'm burning shit down baby^^
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 Re: [WPC] Chronicles : Episode nineteen : On the battlefield
oh my - i thought my pack was about to die!!!