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[WPC] Mage Chronicles: Episode 20: The final Battle


Conor rode the waves with ease, the water roaring as he reached the Chronomancer. Sending the water from underneath him as he landed opposite his enemy, the water surged at the Chronomancer. A figure emerged behind Conor, and stepped out of the shadows. Black tendrils swirled at his feet as he stood beside his friend. The Necromancer smiled as he sent shadows intertwining with the water.

A loud eruption from behind the Chronomancer revealed the presence of the Terramancer, pillars of earth cascading away from him.

“Well well well” The Chronomancer smirked “A family reunion, How touching!”

A circle appeared around, as each element was sent forth. Fire, Water, Earth, Electricity, Air, Shadow, Ice, and Plant. The man in the wine robe smiled as he disappeared, each mancer having to defend themselves from the attack of their friends. A blur ahead revealed the new location of the Chronomancer, sitting on a tree branch.

“Snooze” Conor whispered “You know what to do”

The Floramancer nodded, hands turning green, the branch underneath the enemy shifted and hit the Chronomancer into the trunk of the tree. Appearing beside Snooze, the man in the Wine robe placed his hand on her shoulder and vanished, taking her with him. They arrived instantly at a forest clearing, the same one that Snooze duelled Conor several weeks before.

Snooze cried in a fit of rage, roots erupting out of the ground and swirled around her, the roots lashing out like whips.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Chan!” The Chronomancer smirked, feigning politeness as he evaded the roots.

Snooze dashed towards him, controlling the vines to lacerate her confronter. Slashing at his torso, she succeeded causing him to cry in pain. Obviously annoyed, he teleported behind her and forcing two fingers to the nape of the neck, he rendered her unconscious. Wrapping an arm around her, he transported her back to her friends, smiling as their faces contorted with fury.

Hemi and Blaze, ran towards Chan. Blaze sent flurries of fire towards him, each increasing in heat as Hemi sent piles of earth straight into the head of the Chronomancer. Chan brought his two fists together, freezing them to the spot. Pushing them lightly on the shoulders, they fell to the ground, still in the same position, before dodging the fire.

Alpha sent charge after charge of electricity towards the Chronomancer’s chest, as the Necromancer concealed himself and ran towards him.  Chan dodged the electricity by slowing it down, and making a flurry of hand gestures in front of him, Zeek vanished only to appear 1 metre in front of a boulder, meeting head on and falling to the ground unconscious. Alpha roared in anger and sent a charge into the air, a thundering  boom echoed as the flash of lightning struck the ground in front of him.

Through the smoke, a figure emerged unscathed, wine robes floating as he ran towards his attacker. Almost with inhuman speed he attacked the Electromancer, striking him in the chest, Alpha slumping to the ground. The Cryomancer attacked, diverting the Chronomancer’s attention from the Hydromancer. Conor looked as Chan froze the Cryomancer to the spot, noticing a little hue around his chest.

Gathering water from the air itself, Conor built up a surplus amount of liquid. Sending it to the feet of the Chronomancer, his expectation proved correct. Chan dodged and Conor sent a missile of water to his chest. Sparks exploded as a piece of metal fell to the ground, The Chronomancer tried to teleport, failing to do so, he cried in frustration. Running towards the Hydromancer, he punched and kicked like a mad man, Conor dodging with ease.

Conor sent the water straight into his attacker, pushing him over the cliff into the valley below.

Looking down, he screamed, tears rolling down his cheeks  “That is for my Father”

Turning around, he was sure he could see two shapes in the forest, an extremely tall shadow accompanied by a small one, shaking his head he headed towards his friends. As the other mancers picked themselves up, he looked at them and smiled, still red-eyed, “I need a vacation”.............


The End.

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Published: 2010/10/17 4:00  Updated: 2010/10/17 4:00
Wise Wolf
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 Re: [WPC] Mage Chronicles: Episode 20: The Final Battle
That was good Conor! Cant wait to read what you cooked up next!
Published: 2010/10/18 15:26  Updated: 2010/10/18 15:26
Wise Wolf
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 Re: [WPC] Mage Chronicles: Episode 20: The Final Battle
Great story mate!!!!

Hope you have something new for us already^^