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[WPC] Mage Chronicles: Episode 18: Guiding the Goblin

The group stood there transfixed by the sudden disappearance of the Hydromancer. Zeeky fell to his feet, mouth trembling. Hemi stood up and looked at the group.

"Guys, we have to continue. For Conor" Hemi said, his eyes solemn.

"For Conor" the group said, unheartedly.

Picking themselves up, they trudged to the east. The humming sound got louder and louder, as they reached the edge of the area. The sight that greeted them was a surprise, several thousand goblins were clustered around a giant wooden fortification.

"Is that a ship?" Snooze said, still snivelling.

No reply came as every pair of goblin eyes looked at their position. A figure stood at the opposite side of the valley, barely visible, but his words echoed clearly with their malicious intent.


Growls of hunger for blood rang out as the thundering of the thousands of goblin feet increased with fervour. Spreading out, the mancers stood alongside each other, their robe's colours catching the sunlight, Red, Green, Brown, Black, Grey, White and Gold. With a warcry, Hemi made the ground beneath their feet cascade towards the hordes of oncoming goblins. Reaching the valley floor, they immediately took their positions.

The Pyromancer, Blaze, sent fireball after fireball into the valley, blackening the ground and annhilating at least a hundred goblins, leaving only their charred remains left. Smirking, he continued sending flames creeping along the ground, only to consume any goblin whose foot treaded on the white flames.

Zeek stood beside the Electromancer, back to back. Cries of pain rang out as shadows lacerated and electricity singed the surrounding goblins, sending a wave of fear into the little green assailants that were approaching. Concealing himself, the Necromancer ran into the waves of goblins, oblivious to the threat near them. A black wave of shadows hit the goblins, creating a path for the mancers, leaving them a clear way to run into the heart of the battle.

Jingle ran and touching each goblin as he passed, instantly froze them to their spot, only to shatter as the goblins behind them ran into them. Freezing the ground in front of him, he skated further and further into battle, sprouting frozen statues as he continued. His laugh sending shivers down the goblins' spines.

Snooze was causing mayhem, manipulating all the flora of the valley into attacking. Already at least two hundred goblin corpses lay around her, cut by the swirling tendrils. When a goblin got too close, the Terramancer sent pillars of earth to push them away. Hemi and Snooze ran into the middle of the valley to join their fellow mancers as they fought.


Above, Webley looked down with uncertainty. Behind him, a figure materialised.

"Webley, this isnt going well" he whispered causing the goblin commander to jump, "If you fail me, you'll know what'll happen"

Looking at the spot where the figure stood just seconds before, the goblin muttered under his breath, "I hate Chronomancers"

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 Re: [WPC] Mage Chronicles: Episode 18: Guiding the Goblin
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Canny sweeeeet :D
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 Re: [WPC] Mage Chronicles: Episode 18: Guiding the Goblin
yarrrrr!! stinky chronomancers
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Another cracker^^