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[WPC] Chronicles : Episode seventeen : The chase
[WPC] Chronicles : Episode seventeen : The chase

 With his back leaned up against the wall, Zeek stood and waited for a moment to regain his calm. His gun was loaded, and he was ready to fire if needed. Mac escaped his room and was somewhere on the ship now. The first thing Zeek had done was make sure Mac could not get his hands on the guns, but he was too late. One of the pulserifles was missing. He had grabbed his own and started the chase.

Zeek felt his heartrate go back to somewhat normal and he pushed himself from the wall. Gun pointed he turned the corner, just as he was scoping out the corridor the lights went out. He frose for a few seconds, then turned on his flashlight. Nothing to see. 

"It's only Mac, it's only Mac, it's only Mac..." he kept repeating to himself.

 The cargobay. He's got to be in here, Zeek thought. It wasn't long before he heard a voice. He could not see him, but he was near. It was mostly rambling, but sometimes he made sense.

"Show yourself to me!" Mac was shouting.  "I'm here! Kill me, kill me now!!"

This dude is full blown crazy, Zeek decided. No sedatives would help him anymore, he was a danger to himself and the entire ship. Mac walked into open space, Zeek could see him clearly now. He raised his gun and started firing rounds into the emptyness of the cargobay. This has to stop, Zeek thought. He pointed his own gun at Mac, aiming for his legs. Just as his finger gripped the trigger, a shot was fired from somewhere else inside the bay. This shot was meant to kill, succesfully. Macs head blew clean of his shoulders. Zeeks mouth dropped open, he couldnt process what just happened. But an awfull roaring sound scared him out of his catatonic state. 


Mac wasn't crazy... Or am I going just as mad from being locked up in this ship? Zeeky lay flat on the ground as he watched the creature take apart what was left from Macs dead body. This thing was a certified killer, built like an ultimate warrior. He closed his eyes for a moment, it was still there when he opened them. No figment of my imagination. His shoulder still hurt like hell, so no dream either. Get yourself together Zeek, stand up and face this monster! Ugh, peptalk works so much better when you've got an adrenaline pumped team of marines beside you.

He tightened the grip on his rifle, and very slowly got to his feet. This is your best shot, that thing is busy taken apart Mac. He started moving closer. When he got at about 10 meters distants he stopped. Damn this creature was weird looking. He aimed for it, his figger touched the trigger. The beast sensed his presence, his head turned in Zeeky's direction. The beast roared at him. The mouth opened wide, showing horrible mandibles on both sides of it. There was no time to waste. Zeek opened fire on it. His shots did not miss, green liquid sprayed around him. But the beast kept coming, long blades attatched to his wrist came ploughing at him. In a panicked last effort, Zeek fired the pump action grenadelauncher. He knew it was too close for him to stay out of range of the blast, but he had better chances facing a grenade then facing the warrior.


A couple of minutes later, Zeek regained his consciousness. Covered in debree from the surroundings, mixed with green blood from the beast, he lay on the floor of the cargobay. His head was throbbing and he head a splitting headache. He puched some of the debree aside and managed to get into a crouching position. The good thing was, he didn't feel the pain in his shoulder as much. The bad thing, everything else hurt like hell. He assessed the room and was pleased to see the grenade has done his job. The monster had exploded just like MacCabbe's head had done moments earlier. Feeling pretty pleased with himself, he managed to trudge back to his station. He wanted to start a report to Sergeant Shadow, when he saw the message from the APC still on the screen. He had forgotten all about it. 


-Still on our way to Dr.X.Mus' hideout. -We have continued our journey on foot. -APC has shut down. - Hemi thinks it is due to the continuing humidity. -Probably got 2 more days to go till we get there. -We are in trouble. 






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 Re: [WPC] Chronicles : Episode seventeen : The chase
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Wise Wolf
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 Re: [WPC] Chronicles : Episode seventeen : The chase

The pred killing machine!!!

And even without me covering his back^^ Nice one^^

Another great Snooze!!! Still want an episode every week!! Let's put it to the public^^
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 Re: [WPC] Chronicles : Episode seventeen : The chase
I'm sorry guys, I really have to get into the "zone" when I write. Sometimes it just doesnt happen!
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 Re: [WPC] Chronicles : Episode seventeen : The chase
Another awesome adventure, yay! Good Read...
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 Re: [WPC] Chronicles : Episode seventeen : The chase
i liked they way this was written snooze, good stuff
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 Re: [WPC] Chronicles : Episode seventeen : The chase
aahh good to be back! teehee i get the best header too!

Excellent story snoozie. Yes i still read them!!
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 Re: [WPC] Chronicles : Episode seventeen : The chase
Yeah, really enjoyed this one too.

Nice shot Zeeky!