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[WPC] Mage Chronicles: Episode 16: Enemy Afoot


Buzz made his way towards the giant wooden structure that loomed in the centre of the valley,  his confidence and scars causing several goblins to shy away from the giant figure. He saw the Boss up ahead, overlooking the construction of the tool to their plan.

 “Boss” Buzz cleared his throat, “ I mean Captain, our scouting party was eliminated three days ago. I only managed to escape.”

The figure turned around, his emerald skin was lined with scars, his limp exaggerated by his wooden leg. A smirk across his face, he walked over to his right hand man. Grabbing the brown goblin by the ear, he pulled him close.

“Listen closely, wee lad” he whispered, “Ye be ruining me grand plan”

“I’m sorry Bo-, Captain” Buzz whimpered, “There was mages, 7 in total. We didn’t stand a chance”

“Mages ye say?” The goblin turned, dropping the snivelling goblin to his knees. “I know, I pillaged a wee Hydromancer a few weeks ago, didn’t see me a-comin’”

Far below, goblins worked away like automatons, the booming of hammers echoing throughout the valley. The structure stood over a hundred metres tall, made of solid oak, it would carry out it’s function easily.  The Goblin above regarded it with pride, he’d be the first goblin to do this task. Born with a curse, he was discarded from his family, but he learned to use his curse and turn it into a blessing.

He sighed and looked at the blubbering goblin before him. “Buzz, get me left hand man.”

“Yes Captain” Buzz replied, hurrying away.

“Aye, ‘twill be me day soon. Webley, ye’ll be a free man soon.” He whispered to himself, gazing at the horizon. He fixed his red jacket, rubbing the golden epaulettes to get rid of the dust that constantly billowed from.

Hearing footsteps behind him, he turned on his wooden leg. Buzz stood beside a small goblin, whose eyes constantly darted from side to side.

“Cap’in!” He snivelled, stepping in front of Buzz.

“Aargh!”  Webley bellowed, “Solo, ye be looking fine!”

“I try me best Cap’in” The small goblin bowed.

“I trust ye’ll serve me dandy!” Webley smiled, his eyes looking mischievous. “There be mages trying to ruin me plan, delay them”

“Yes Captain” Solo and Buzz muttered, scurrying off towards the forest.

Webley laughed to himself, and threw a pebble below, smiling as a squeal of pain erupted.

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Published: 2010/9/18 23:12  Updated: 2010/9/18 23:12
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 Re: [WPC] Mage Chronicles: Episode 16: Enemy Afoot
Bravo Bravo!!! always a good read...
Published: 2010/9/20 23:36  Updated: 2010/9/20 23:36
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 Re: [WPC] Mage Chronicles: Episode 16: Enemy Afoot
hehe buzz is my minion!! love it, im in it!!!
Published: 2010/9/20 23:39  Updated: 2010/9/20 23:39
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 Re: [WPC] Mage Chronicles: Episode 16: Enemy Afoot
loved the detail on the characters