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[WPC] Chronicles : Episode sixteen : Going slightly mad
[WPC] Chronicles : Episode sixteen : Going slightly mad

 Zeek stood outside the door of the medicbay, he watched Mac turn and toss in his sleep through the looking glass. They were running out of medication to calm him down. More then five days had passed since the crew left on their mission. His shoulder still hurt from where Mac had shot him in his outbreak. Mac had been deteriorating. Getting more and more aggetated he had started scratching at his bold head, up to the point of bleeding. Zeek had tried to tend to the wounds, but Macs twitching and ranting had made it almost impossible. It seemed he was drifting of again now, and Zeek finally turned and walked back to his station.

After intercepting Solo's messages to Sergeant Shadow, Zeek had been able to follow the missions progress. Alien monsters and a nutjob professor, if only I was there he thought. I could really show those aliens how things are done in the wolfpack. "Arrr!" A sharp pain rushed to his shoulder, he grabbed it and bit down on his teeth till it died down again. Anger rose up inside him. Stupid dropship! he thought. Being locked up in here is driving me as crazy as Mac. Why did they even take him on the mission after what happened last time! If Webley wasn't so caught up in his own guilt trip, Mac woul be back in the compound now and I would be allongside my team! He grabbed the chair with his good arm, and with a loud growl swung it across the room.

He sank to his knees. Just breathe, he kept thinking to himself. After a few minutes he started to calm down again. Sounds from the station got him back up from the floor. It was a message, sent from the APC. 

 -Still on our way to Dr.X.Mus' hideout. -We have continued our journey on foot. -APC has shut down. - Hemi thinks it is due to the continuing humidity. -Probably got...

Something startled him. He turned and dropped into a crouch. All of a sudden Mac came bursting into the room. His eyes seemed as big as golfballs, a drop of blood ran down his forehead.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Zeek screamed.

"It's coming for me man, I can't stay in that room!"

"There's nothing here you idiot, get back to your room or I'll have to make you."

"Oh it's here allright, I'm not crazy! And if you lock me back in that room again you'll be dead within the hour."

"Are you threatening me?"

"No! I'm telling you we need to get out of here! Now!!" Mac started scratching his head again, while pacing the room.

"We need guns, yes, deffinetly guns."

"You're not getting your hands on them Mac." Zeek stepped closer to him, putting his hand on his shoulder so he could start stearing him back to his room. Mac jumped at the touch and swung Zeeks arm off him.

"Don't touch me! You don't understand man, I gotta... he looked around, then bolted for the door.




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Wise Wolf
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 Re: [WPC] Chronicles : Episode sixteen : Going slightly mad
Slightly mad??

Zeek put a feckin bullet in his brain if he even attempts to go for a gun^^

Yea It's what everyone does, and the crazy guy always turns out to be right......

Though I would bet 100 quid if he was ginger, he would have been blown out the airlock^^

Ginger + crazy always = bullet to head^^
Published: 2010/9/2 9:41  Updated: 2010/9/2 9:41
Old Grey
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 Re: [WPC] Chronicles : Episode sixteen : Going slightly mad
love it :)
Published: 2010/9/2 22:12  Updated: 2010/9/2 22:13
Wise Wolf
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 Re: [WPC] Chronicles : Episode sixteen : Going slightly mad
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 Re: [WPC] Chronicles : Episode sixteen : Going slightly mad
aaahh good to be back in more than one way!

Love it snoozie!