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[WPC] Chronicles : Episode fifteen : Battered and bruised
[WPC] Chronicles : Episode fifteen : Battered and bruised

 "Buzz!.... Buzz, come in Buzz!"

Webley tried franticly to get in contact with his 1st Luitenant, there had been gunfire outside, lots of it.

" Buzz god dammit, answer me!!" Webley's cheeks were red with frustration, his shirt was sweaty and clung to his back. This whole damn mission had gotten out of control. First Mac turned crazy, then one of his men had shot another crewmember, that insane Dr. X. Mus was on the flight, and then there were the nasty Xeno's. He was ready to put a bullit between X. Mus' eyes and be done with it all.

"Web!... we-.... heav-....-act...."

It was Buzz, there was so much static he could hardly make out a word.

"Whats that Buzz?! I can't hear you!"

"We...." more static, Webley pressed the com system to his ear.

"HELP!!!" The word came out so loud that Web dropped the com system and it fell to the ground.


The whole pack was armed and ready to fight, they walked down to the ground level. When they stepped outside, there was nothing to be seen except the APC. 

"Solo, get into the APC and set out the course to X.Mus' hideout."

He gave a small nod and stepped into the vehicle. Weeperr lifted his head from where he was hiding inside.

"Dude am I happy to see you 2.0! Are we getting outta here?"

"Soon" was all he replied. Webley poked his head inside.

"Weeperr, did you see what happened?"

"Not really sir, the mist is so thick I couldn't see a damn thing! I heard it though, lots of rounds fired. I figured it would be best if I kept inside to guard the APC..."

Web dropped his head and sighed. 


They followed their motiontrackers through the never ending whiteness. It would not take long to find em normally, but they had to move so damn carefully that they could not build up any speed. A bleep from one of the motion trackers, "Right ahead!" someone whispered. Jingle spotted one first, he signaled to the rest. There were lots, motion trackers began beeping franticly, they were surrounded. Slowly they spread out, scanning the area around them carefully. Kds moved to the right, when a sound startled him. He pointed his light to where he thought he heard it. It was Buzz, followed by Onex, Dazoo, Thomas, and a limping Conor. Buzz put his finger to his lips and pointed at the mist right in front of them. They were out there.


Shots were fired infront of them, then to their left. Emerging out of the mist, the Xeno's launched their attacks. It was a nightmare, guns kept firing, but there was no way to see your packmembers. There was just one thing to make sure you shot one of the  monsters, wait untill it  was right infront of you, then shoot it in the head and run before you got to enjoy an acid shower. Minutes long the air was filled with the sound of gunfire and the horrible screams of the Xeno's. 


After a while it finally went quiet. Webley made a soft whisteling sound known to them all. Slowly they found eachother again and formed a group. But Web was shocked by the site of them, the men were battered an bruised, blood stains on their faces and uniforms. Young Conor had injured his leg so bad that he had to be carried on their way  back to the compound. They had escaped a massacre.


Back at the base, Fizo tended to the wounded, getting help from other members. Once everyone was looked after they took a moment to catch their breath and regain some strength. Webley paced across the room. It was a miracle they had not lost any men in that fight, his anger almost unbearable for the man who had caused all this.

"We need to get going men, we have a long drive ahead of us. You can rest in the APC." 

Sounds of discomfort arose around him as the pack got to their feet. As they waited in turn to find their seats, Webley stood outside and looked up at the building. The biggest house of horrors they had ever encountered. Alpha and Woody stopped by his side. Alpha spoke suddenly spoke, his dialect so strong Webley could not make out a single word.

"He said we should burn the fuckers building down. It's not a bad idea actually, there's so much fuel stocked up in that cargo room. Would make for a nice bonfire."

Webley put out his cigarette and turned his back to the building.

"Do it" he said, and he stepped inside the vehicle. 

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 Re: [WPC] Chronicles : Episode fifteen : Battered and bru...
next one is going to be epic. Bravo Snoozy!
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that was the best !!!