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[WPC] Chronicles : Episode Fourteen: Keep calm
[WPC] Chronicles : Episode Fourteen: Keep calm

 Solo was working away at the computer, trying to find a way to monitor activity in any of Dr.X.Mus'possible hideouts. As he was doing this, Webley kept pacing up and down behind him. Lighting one cigarette after another, he tried to keep himself calm and not yell at Solo. It would make no difference, Solo was never moved by his ranting. Though never dissobeying an order, he had a strong mind of its own for a synthetic.


On the other side of the room the pack sat waiting. By now everyone had heard about the crew found dead upstairs, the creature in the basement, and most of all about how Woody had gotten injured. His pain medication had kicked in, and now he was reinacting the scene infront of the youngsters Ozone and Conor. Wide eyed they listened to his heroic tale of how he single handedly overcame at least 5 Xeno's. Fizo sat nearby and listened with a silent grin on his face.


Weeperr was still posted in the APC outside. When the monitors had showed multiple signals he had panicked for a moment. But as quick as they had appeared, they had gone again. Webley had instructed him to keep him posted if anything showed up again. Off and on some blips had come up, but nothing happened. A bit nervous he kept fidgeting with the control panels. He wanted to get out of here badly, alone in the vehicle with only the white mist joining him. Another blip on the radar. It seemed to be getting closer. Again, this time to the left of him. He leaned over and pushed his nose up to the window, gazing through the mist. Another blip. Then he saw it, something swirved by. It happened so fast he wasn't sure if he might have imagined it. A loud bang on the roof of the APC scared the shit out of him, Weeperr saw a dark shadow move over the hood and into the mist. Frozen in his seat he kept looking out of the window. Everything was quiet again.


"Stay there Weeperr, we're leaving as soon as we find out where the bastard is hiding. I'll send some of the men down to check things out."

He dropped his cigarette butt on the floor and put it out with his boot.

"Any news yet Solo?"

"I might be able to hack into his security systems, if he's out there it must have been activated."

"Good, I want to leave here within the hour."

He turned and walked over to the pack.

"Buzz, I've just had report from Weeperr. There seems to be some activity down by the APC. Take Onex, Thomas and Dazoo with you and go check it out."


"Sure thing boss."

The men got up to their feet and assembled their gear. Webley was walking back towards Solo when he heard someone come up behind him.


It was Conor, one of the younger members. This was his third mission with the pack, but Web had kept him out of the real action.

"Yes Conor what is it."

"I would really like to join Buzz sir, I know I haven't seen much action yet, but I know I could handle myself out there."

"The boy was eager, he had to give him that.

"Allright Conor, let's see what you can do. But stay close to Buzz, and follow his orders. I don't want you being a hero and getting yourself killed."

Web watched as Conor hurried to the others, there was almost a skip in his step. To be young again he thought.


A couple more cigarettes along and Webs throat started feeling like an ashtray. Just as he was thinking about lighting another one Solo called out to him.

"I found him."

"Great! Let's get going, I wanna be there before the day ends."

"That won't be possible I'm affraid."

"Well why the hell not?!"

"The place he is located at is almost on the other side of the planet. It will take approxamitly 24 hours to get there."

"Crap, sneaky bastard went as far as he could go. But not far enough. We're leaving, get your things together guys!"

As he finished his sentence they were startled by noise from outside. It was gunfire...

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