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[WPC] Chronicles : Episode thirteen : Great sacrifices
[WPC] Chronicles : Episode thirteen : Great sacrifices

 The whole crew had joined together in the office area where they had left Solo. After hours of walking around this insane place they needed a rest. They had found the crew, dead that is, and witnissed the alien lifeform in action. The only one who was not startled by all the events that had gone on was Solo. Ofcourse he was a synthetic with no real emotions, but Webley thought he almost looked excited about this place.


Fizo the medic was patching up Woody's face from his supply box he carried around. 

"You and your little box Fiz" Woody flinched while Fizo cleaned the wound.

"Can't make fun of my box now, it's saving your ugly ass face as we speak."

Woody grunted. His face was damaged for life, though the only real damage was superficial. 

"Close your eyes." 


"Just do as I tell you." 

Woody looked it a bit scared, but Fizo's face showed he was serious. Slowly he closed his eyes. Fizo waited for a second, then sprayed some numbing spray on the wound. Silently not to startle Woody he got out his needle and thread. There's never an easy way of stiching someone up outside of the medical bay. He took a deep breath, and thrusted the needle into Woody flesh. Woody's eyes flashed open, he saw the needle sticking out of his skin, right in front of his eye and screamed. Within seconds he turned white, then tumbled over backwards and was out cold. 

"Thanks Wood," Fizo mumbled "this makes my job a lot easier."


As the crew tried to get some rest, Webley sat down with Solo. 

"Who is behind all this Solo?"

"This is the work of Dr.X.Mus. He has been studying the xenomorphs for some time now."

"But what the hell was he trying to do here?"

"It was basic research in the beginning. He wanted to know everything there was about the creature, anatomy, procreation, everything. By the time he had discovered all there was to know, he figured he could even make a better version of the creature."

"He's some kind of crazy scientist too?!"

"It's not that crazy of you read the data, he's done years of research. This man knows what he's doing."

"Come on Solo, we've seen that thing in the basement, the dead crew upstairs! You can't tell me thats not crazy!"

"Great scientific breakthroughs sometimes ask for great sacrifices."

"Sacrificing your entire crew isn't even crazy, it's ludicrous, murderous!"

The cool look on Solo's face sent Web shivers down his spine. Frustrated he turned away, fidgeting with his long black hair. After lighting a cigaret and taking a few drags he calmed down and faced Solo again.

"Have you got any idea where the doctor is right now?"

"Not exactly, there are 3 other small observatories on the planet. If he is still on Hades IV, thats where he would have gone."

"Then we should find out if there has been activity in one of them. If he is on this planet, we won't let him get away with this."

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