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[WPC] Chronicles : Episode twelve : Behind closed doors
[WPC] Chronicles : Episode twelve : Behind closed doors

 There had been no radio contact in the last 30 minutes. Buzz had led his team all the way up 

to the top floor of the building as Webley had instructed. The team kept cracking jokes, but 

everybody felt the tension in the air. With him were Hammer, Woody and Alpha. It was always 

wise to join those last two, as Woody was the only one capable of following Alpha's thick accent. 

They walked down another set of stairs, no sign of life so far. 


"Whats behind door number 5?!" 

"That joke got old at door number 3 Woody," Hammer replied.

"Hurrg fri kneu blllt!" 

Woody and Alpha doubled over laughing.

"What did he say?! No fair man!"

Buzz tried to block out their bickering to concentrate on the doorpanel. 

"Shut your yapping and help me get this door open. It's different from the others, I'll have to 

bypass the security lock."

He hooked up his gear an started working on it, after a couple of minutes he finally got it. 

"Stay in formation, I have a feeling this lock has a good reason." 

The room was dark. They turned on their lights and stepped in. 


It was remarkably warmer inside, within seconds Buzz felt pearls of sweat form under his 

helmet. Adjusting their eyes to the dark, they kept their places for a moment. The sound of

Alpha's motiontracker startled them all, and Hammer gave a small shriek. All of a sudden things 

happened fast, something moved to the left of them. Woody caught a glimps of a swirling tail 

with his light, and he opened fire. The creature made an awfull sound but kept coming at him. Woody 

saw it clearly now, glistening in the dark. He fired again, aiming at the head. This time it was a hit,

the head exploded and a yellow substance burst across the room. 


Instantly, Woody gave out a cry of horror. He grabbed his face in agony. 

"It burns!!!" Franticly he tried wiping it off with his sleeve.    

Buzz turned to his right. There was Hammer, her eyes fixed on Woody. Unaware of what was 

happening behind her. He raised his gun and fired, following Woody's lead he aimed for the head. 

Hammer dropped down into a crouch. The creature went down and more yellow substance spilled 

across the room. Some landed on Hammers backpack. Desperatly she began removing it from her 

back, the smell of burnt cloth surrounded her. Finally she got out of it and jumped up. 


They stood there quiet for a while, scanning the room. Ready for another attack by one of

the Xeno's. Nothing happened, but Alpha's motion tracker ket giving a steady beep. Woody's

face was burnt, but luckily it had not damaged his eyes. Hammer had gotten out of her backpack

in time, it lay smoldering on the floor.

"Where's the signal coming from Alpha?" Buzz talked in a whisper, but the deep timbre of his voice

was clear to them all. Alpha pointed to the right of them. 

"We have to check it out guys. Try to stay cool and keep your eyes open." 

Buzz walked up front. The room was covered wall to wall in weird organic material. This

did not look man made. Alpha signaled: Up ahead, 10 signals. They crept foreward, lights

swaying across the strange room. Something came in sight. There they were, suspended from the

wall. Buzz lowered his pulse rifle. "I think we found the missing crew."


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