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[WPC] Chronicles : Episode ten : What lies beneath
[WPC] Chronicles : Episode ten : What lies beneath

 "One man down, here. T'was some sort of hand-shaped creature... keep your eyes open."

Webley crouched beside the young private's body. Bits and pieces of his head, and of the creature lay scattered across the room. What the hell had they gotten themselves into? Ganchan seemed in shock, with pearls of sweat covering his forehead. With little time to process the situation, he had chosen the fastest option to optimise safety for himself and for the pack. Now, he was not so sure about his decision.  

"Go and see what Solo is up to, tell him what has happened here and let him make up a report for  Sergeant Shadow." 

"Yes sir."


Solo seemed startled when Gan walked into the room, disturbing him in his research. There were pictures of the so-called "Xenos" on the screen. They had been taken inside a lab similar to the one he just came from. He figured that was not the only one in the building. 

"Did you find out where the people who worked here have gone? The reason for their signal?"

Solo was typing up the report. 

"There is no mention of their leave in the records. The last entry is dated of 2 weeks ago."

They became silent as Solo finished his report. 


As the others continued their way through the building, Hemi was still on the groundfloor where the vehicle had been. He had scoped out the whole room, without any clues about its last destination. Beneath him, strange sounds had begun to echo. He signaled them to Webley through his com-system. 

"There's a lower level here me, I'm checking it out."

Webley's reply was not very clear: he only heard the the words "keep your eyes open". Of course he would. Him and Webley had been marines for a long time. He knew the drill. He opened up a panel in the floor where he had looked at earlier. Once the panel had been removed, he looked down a long and dark staircase. He sighed and wondered why he was doing this, then turned and set his foot on the first step. 


"H-ly Sh-!! We-----y---g----down he--!!!" 

The transmission was bad, almost not understandable. One thing was clear: something big was happening in the building's basement. 

"Hemi! I can't hear you, there's too much static! We're on our way, wait for us!"

He rounded up his men and all ran down the stairs. In the meanwhile, he ordered to Buzz  to continue his search. Ganchan shot up from his chair when they bolted by the office. 

"What's going on?!"

"We don't know, but it's big!", Dazoo shouted at him.

Without any hesitation Ganchan picked up his shotgun and joined them down the stairs. They entered the ground floor and charged at the opening in the floor. One by one, they made their way to the basement. 


"What the fuck is this? What the hell were they doing in this place?!" Some of the men had turned as white as a sheet. 

"That is one giant Xeno...."

"Are those like the egg you saw upstairs, Ganchan?" Webley asked.

"Yeah they are. It came flying right out of it. Stay away from those fuckers."

"It seems like they are coming from...her."

They all stood and looked around the room silently. The massive creature was tied up. It probably was over 10 meters of height. It kept laying eggs, stopping only to let out one of her terrible screams. Eggs surrounded her and seemed to be almost pulsating. 

Webley's com system beeped again. The reception was terrible down there: all he could hear was static. He went back up the steps. 

"Webley, do you read me?!"

"Yes Weeperr I hear you. What's up?"

"I have no clue, but the motiontrackers are going crazy up here."

"What do you mean?"

"I have multiple signals coming our way!" 


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