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[WPC] Chronicles : Episode nine : First contact
[WPC] Chronicles : Episode nine : First contact

 Webley's heart was racing as he walked the stairs onto the next level. Solo stayed behind, going through all the data on the computers. The team had undermined his orders, and as a result they might be in some kind of trouble. He knew he could trust Buzz to take over controls when needed, but this place gave him the creeps and he wanted everything to go by the book. Just a few more steps. He could not hear the men, just a low buzzing noise. Like  refridgerator or something. 


"Buzz! Whats going o-...on..." It was quite clear why Buzz had called him up there. This was what Solo ment with "testing". Big fluid filled tubes containing some kind of weird looking animal, all with strange looking variations. Apparently these "alterations" weren't a very big succes, as the animals showed no life signs. Webley scanned the rest of the room, the team still quiet and wide eyed looking. Against one of the walls was one of those anatomy posters they used to have in biology class, but the picture was nothing like the one's in school. It said: Xenomorph. "So that's what we're looking at, Xenomorphs..."


"Understood Corporal." 

If he had not been so mad in his disobedience, Webley would have laughed at the way Buzz's cheeks turned red after he had scolded him for it. He suppressed his smile. 

"This search is taking too long, we will be splitting up into groups from here on, and I need trust you in leading the men. So no goofing around anymore, and keep me updated at all times."

"Yes, sir." 

Webley turned back towards the pack.

"Ganchan and Bowow stay here. Woody, Hammer and Alpha, you take the elevator with Buzz up to the top floor and work your way down. The rest is with me, we'll take the stairs and work are way upwards till we meet Buzz's team. Let's go!" 


"So what do you think about these Xeno's man? I bet you could punch one out like a light with one of your vicious uppercuts!" Bowow stood in front of one of the tubes, punching the air in front of it. Ganchan was a man of action, not words. He was annoyed at Bowow's ongoing chatter. "I think we should stay focused and stand guard till the others get back." he replied. He heard Bowow mumble something under his breath, but decided not to take any notice. Suddenly there was a noise, it sounded like the elevator but it came from somewhere else in the building. 


"What did you do?!"

"One of these buttons was flickering, and I guess I pushed it.."

The noise had stopped close to them, both turned the way it came from. Ganchan raised his shotgun. A panel in the wall opened up, and an egg of some sorts was presented to them. Something seemed to move inside, it was nasty and slimy looking. With breaths hold they stood looking at it with disgust. Before they knew what was happening, the egg opened itself. A hand like creature jumped out of it with tremendous velocity, and grabbed onto Bowows face. He started screaming and tried to pry it of with his hands, meanwhile stumbling across the room like a madman. It all happened so fast, and Ganchan made a split second decision. He aimed his gun, and pulled the trigger...


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