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[WPC] Chronicles : Episode eight : Discovery
[WPC] Chronicles : Episode eight : Discovery

 The building towered above the APC, they could not even see the top of it through the mist. " Let's check this place out men. Weeperr you stay here and monitor us from the vehicle. Everyone turn on your com systems and motiontrackers. We will start out as a team, scope out the situation, then devide into groups to search the rest of the buidling. I want to know what is happening at all times, if you see anything weird you report it. Look sharp people, we're going in...


The entrance was quite easily found, and they formed themselves around it. Buzz was going in first. 

"Nothing on the motiontrackers yet." From the APC, Weeperr watched them on the screens. "Security override, done!" Solo diconnected from the acces panel. Weapons ready, they entered the building. It was empty. Swiftly the team covered the room and took their positions. Solo was the first to speak:

"I would suspect this is where you would keep a vehicle." 

"They must have gone for a drive then. Grocery shopping, what do you think 2.0? " Buzz said from behind.

"This vehicle wasn't in very good condition." Hemi sat crouched to the floor and touched on a dark spot. " Oil leakage. And there are tools missing from the toolbox. 

"It might be what happened here," Webley noted." they went out in their vehicle and it broke down somewhere. 

"We won't know anything for sure before we search the whole place. Hemi stay here and try to find out more about their vehicle. The rest of you, let's get moving again."


The first level could be reach by staircase or elevator. They split up into two groups and entered the next quiet room. It was some sort of office, filled with desks and computers. Once again they swiftly moved across the empty place. Some computers were running and Solo took his place behind one of them. 

"Look at the view man!" Hammer shouted. "I can see absolutely shit!" Buzz nudged her in the back with his gun, wich made her fall out of balance and land face forward onto the glass. The teams laughter filled the office, Buzz's low rumble above them all as always. Hammer got herself together and gave him the meanest look she had, while scrambling away from the windows. 


Webley walked up to Solo, who was still seated behind one of the computer screens. " Have you found anything usefull?" It took a while for Solo to answer him. 

"I'm not sure on the details yet, but it seems this is a testing facility."

"Testing? What kind of tests were they doing here?"

Again there was a silence, Solo seemed deeply into the subject that was on the screen.

"Some kind of animal testing. An animal that is only found on several planets, including this one. I believe they thought this was their homeplanet." He seemed to drift off into the data again, Webley stood and watch him for a minute. The sound of his com system startled him, he hadn't noticed the team had moved on. He felt annoyed for a moment they hadn't awaited his order. 

"Boss" it was Buzz, "I think you'd better come up here.

"What is it Lance Corporal."

"Thats the point, we don't know what we're looking at sir..."  


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