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[WPC] Chronicles : Episode seven : Road trip
[WPC] Chronicles : Episode seven : Road trip

 "Yeah we need some fresh air, Buzz farts in his sleep man!" Hammer shouted.

Others started squirming around in their seats. Solo went back to his thoughts for a minute. The signal was not that far away anymore. He would rather keep driving. But on the other hand, a short stop might wake them up a bit and get them ready for action. The APC came to a halt.

"Five minutes, people."


They stopped in an area bordered by a pond. The water was not deep, and some plant life covered the surface. Even though the pond was only a couple meters wide, still they could not see the other side through the mist. As Hemi checked some bits and pieces on the APC, a few of the men set out to explore the zone a bit. With their lights turned on, Tic, Buzz and Thomas walked around the pond. Thomas pulled out his knife and crouched close to the water. He poked at one of the weird looking plants. They could not see their pack mates, but every now and then they would see a speck of light in the distance from a lit up cigarette. Something splashed the water.

"Holy shit!" Thomas yelled, "That plant just tried to eat me!"

He fell backwards on the sand. Buzz and Tic laughed at him:

"How is that tiny plant gonna eat you man? You’re starting to imagine things. I guess we should have left you in that infirmary with Mac."

Tic lent him a hand to get him back on his feet. Buzz started walking back, still laughing at Thomas and his plant. After Thomas dusted himself off, he followed Buzz. Tic turned to join them but a sound startled him. The hair on his neck stood up as he peered through the mist. Nothing was visible. Maybe Thomas was right about those plants.


Solo was still in the APC. Webley joined him to check out their progress.

"I estimate we will cross the signal in about an hour’s drive. It seems to be of human origin." 

- "Can you read any life signs?" 

"I cannot, but this might be due to the humidity. If they don't have Personal Data Transmitters implanted, we won't read them till our motion trackers do."

- "There should be records if there's a colony of some sorts on this planet, right?"

"No records are available about Hades IV."

Webley stared at the little dot on the screen. What would they find there?

"I can't imagine people living here..."


The pack settled in the APC. Solo took the wheel again and followed the signal. They drove on through the mist for more than an hour before the radar showed they were getting close. They should have been able to see what was in front of them, but everything remained gray and still. Weeperr had his nose pressed to the front window.

"Still can't see anything. Would help if we knew what we we're looking for."

His breath clouded the window, making it even more impossible to see anything. Solo slowed down the vehicle. The signal was now only a few meters away from them. Slowly, something became visible. They stopped to see what was in their line of sight. The building was a very high vertical block, observation decks set up horizontally at various heights.

"Have you ever seen anything like that before Solo?" Weeperr whispered. 

- "Never."

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