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[WPC] Mage Chronicles: Episode 12: A Small Threat

After the cheers and moans because of the duel, The Cryomancer led them down the mountain, telling them of the area as they descended.

He led them to his town, a small town with circular fortifications around it. He explained that it kept the giant walls from the war over century before.

"And here's my humble abode" The Cryomancer said smirking, leading them to the oppresive building that stood at the end of the town, it's shadow casting a portion of the town in darkness.

He brought the team up to the top floor, an observation deck and that's when they saw the trouble. On the horizon, smoke billowed into the air, it blocking the light from shining on the pastures.

"This is bad, real bad" Jingle muttered, grabbing a nearby scope to extend his sight.

"What's wrong?" Snooze exclaimed, worry clear on her face.

"The next town, Hamesly, is burning to the ground" He said grimly, rushing to the staircase.

The group followed suit, the Cryomancer instructing Hemi to move them as fast as he could. Hemi complied, raising the group in a pillar and moving his hands, they built up speed. As they came closer the flames became visible, the buildings completely ablaze. A gust of wind shot out into th sky from within the town.

When they reached the entrance, the full devastation was clear, charred wooden frames littered the town, the embers fueling the fires of the accompanying houses. There stood two people in the centre, trying their hardest to put out the fires.

A man in a red robe saw them, and looking at the Cryomancer he shouted , "Jingle, please help us!".

The other man, in a grey robe, was ushering them forward. Conor sent water onto the flames, dousing them and causing steam to billow. The Cryomancer sent shards of ice while the Terramancer covered the embers with earth.

Eventually the town was completely freed of the flames.

Conor asked the man in red what happened.

"Goblins" He admitted, "We didn't see them coming until it was too late"...........

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