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[WPC] Mage Chronicles: Episode 11: Fighting Friends

After Conor calmed the group down, and commented on Zeek’s scream, he explained the rules,

"Ok guys, Jingle proposed an idea to me that I think is a good one" Conor cleared his throat, "We are going to have a duel, 3 on 3. Two will be on my team, and two on Jingle’s. There’s a nearby clearing, that has some vegetation for snooze and a waterfall for me."

Jingle took over "I will be with the Floramancer and the Terramancer, Conor with the Necromancer and Electromancer. Any complaints? Good" he smiled.

Jingle led them to the clearing, leading his team to the opposite end where Conor and his team stood. Conor huddled his team closer to him,

"Ok, the rule is simple, the first team to have all their members unconscious loses." Conor smiled seeing the eagerness of his team building. They took their places as did their opponents and they charged.

Hemi sent wave after wave of dirt towards them while Snooze used her vines to build up the speed of the waves. Zeek wrapped the shadows around himself, concealing him instantly. Two moments later, Hemi crumpled with a blow to the temple. Laughter rang out.

Snooze was getting angry at this point, and she sent the vines searching, they grabbed hold of an invisible object and held until the unconscious body of the Necromancer appeared. Conor used the water from the waterfall and coated the Floramancer with it, Alpha sending a little burst of electricity, the water conducted it and the Floramancer fell to the ground.

Jingle, who stayed in the back till now, made a circular motion, with his now white hands, and the snow wrapped around him, as if a twister was there. Then he let it loose at Alpha, hitting him in the head and chest with balls of ice, the Electromancer losing consciousness immediately.

"Just you and me" Conor smirked.

"Bring it boy!" the Cryomancer shouted.

Conor sent the water at Jingle, but with a sweep of his hands, it froze immediately, falling harmlessly to the ground. The Cryomancer laughed, the snow around Conor’s feet hardening, trying to bind him to the spot. That’s when the Hydromancer saw his chance, weaving the water with his left hand he sent it at Jingle once again, knowing that he’d freeze it.

When Jingle did what he expected, he weaved the Cryomancers sweat, wrapping it around his throat tightly. The Cryomancer gasped for air, trying to freeze it and break the ice apart but the oxygen-starved muscles wouldn’t comply.

He slumped to the ground, and using the water Conor weaved it into the faces of his fellow mages.

"We won!" Conor shouted....

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