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[WPC] Mage Chronicles: Episode 9: Braving the Cold
Posted by: Hydro Date : 2010/8/25 19:37 MAJ : 2010/9/22 21:49 [7 / 4171 reads]

The group set off the following morning, the frost had arrived early,Snooze constantly complained about the cold. Trying to look her best in this weather was starting annoy her, even though it amused Zeek a great deal.

"Why do we have to do this?" She whined

"Because, I dont want any more people to die at the hands of my father's killer" Conor replied, brushing the snow off his robe.

The group said nothing as they continued further along the mountain range, the scene going from brown to white. The snow was starting to obscure the view of the group, so they decided to seek shelter. 5 mins passed, when Zeek found a cave.

"Hey Guys, there's some shelter over here" he said, still clutching the wolf pup, whispering to it "It's ok shadow, we'll be nice and warm soon"

Once they reached the mouth of the cave, they could see a faint glow of embers at the end. They walked slowly, trying to make no sound, and at the site of the dying embers, there was a shape sleeping. Alpha sent a short charge of electricity to the embers, the fire roaring into life. The group still was amazed at the Electromancer's abilities.

Then they saw the person beside the fire was wearing white robes.

"Oh great!" Alpha said sarcastically "We're stuck in a cave with this guy!"

"Who is it?" Snooze asked, rubbing her hands beside the fire.

"This is our Cryomancer" Alpha said, feigning awe "We should wait until the morning, you do not want to see him cranky"

"Do you know his name Alpha?" Conor asked, sitting down beside Snooze.

"Indeed" Alpha said "This is Jingle, beware though, he's not the warmest person to be around"

"I'm off, I'll talk to ye tomorro" Conor said yawning.

The group set out their beds , and Conor's dreams were filled with his father's death.

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