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[WPC] Mage Chronicles: Episode 8: An Electrifying Encounter

The Electromancer sent a burst of electricity towards the rock the group were hiding behind, splitting it in two. His smile showed his true emotions.

"Who are you?" he said, a twang in his voice.

"I'm Conor, a hydromancer looking to find my fathers murderer, it's rumored to be a mage stealing mana by killing mancers" Conor said seriously. His face still showed the grief of remembering his father that day.

"And why should I help?" He asked, rubbing his robe.

"I fear we will need fellow mancer's help" Conor said, a waver in his voice

At that time, 3 wolves came into the clearing circling the group, snarling with their backs raised and teeth out.

"I'll get this" The electromancer said, hands turning gold.

He moved his hands in a circle from hip to hip, the electricity building from gold to white, and let it loose on the smaller wolf, a female. She crumpled immediately, hair singed. The Electromancer let out a giggle of joy.

The 2 wolves jumped at the electromancer, trying to bite. He sent a little charge to paralyse one while fending off the other. Hands raised to the sky, a bolt of lightning crashed from the sky, dissintegrating the wolf, leaving only charred remains. With one more circle of his hands, he let the bolt loose on the other wolf, it too slumping.

Zeek crept forward to a rock, and picked up a wolf cub, it must've been waiting for the others to bring food.

"Zeek" Hemi said "That's a wild animal, you can't take it"

"I have to!" Zeek shouted "It's a cub, and he's hungry"

Zeek brought the cub into his arms, the cub licking his fingers, while Conor walked over to the electromancer.

"Will you join us?" He asked

"I'll have to, to protect you, won't I?" The electromancer said, winking. "My names alpha by the way"

That evening, around the campfire. Alpha was telling them about another mancer living nearby. He sounded like he didn't like his attitude.

"He's about a 5 day hike from here, he practises up the mountains too, but he can be cold to people".......

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