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[WPC] Mage Chronicles: Episode 6: Ground and Pound

The following morning, after cleaning up the camp, the group left the forest. Noticing they were running low on supplies, Hemi headed to theedge of the clearing.

"I'm going to head to the nearest town to get some supplies" Hemi said, the ground engulfing him. Using his Terramancy, he travelled underground, the shifting earth propelling him at high speed.

Five minutes later, Hemi came to the outskirts of the village, the locals looking at his brown robe. Heading to the nearest shop he gathered the provisions, the shopkeeper gazing at him. As he was about to leave the town, he saw someone up ahead, lying on the ground. His hands turning brown, he cautiously moved towards it. Then the person got up, a woman, knife in hand and with a grin.

"Please sir, can I have some money sir" She sneered, waving the knife in her hand.

"Sorry, that isnt going to happen" Hemi snarled

The attacker lept forward, going for the chest. Hemi side stepped, and taking a firm stance, stamped the ground, sending a pillar of earth crashing towards the thief.

She dashed to the side, but the pillar caught her leg as she went, tripping her.

Quickly recovering, she threw the knife. It caught Hemi in the shoulder, it wasnt serious but it would complicate his terramancy.

Getting angry now, Hemi sent balls of earth crashing towards her, the thief dodging most of them, one hit her arm above the elbow accompanied with a crack. She howled in pain, still determined to rob Hemi, she ran sending a flurry of punches at Hemi, the terramancer sidestepping each punch with ease. Hemi placed his hand on the ground, the earth enveloping it, creating a glove first, then plating his entire body, creating some armour.

He ran to the thief and with one quick punch to the temple, the thief crumpled. Feeling sorry for her, he threw a coin on her unconscious body, and pulled the knife out of his shoulder, wincing as it slid out.

Once again he let the earth envelop him, and travelled back to the group, provisions on his back. Snooze, seeing his cut on his shoulder, used some of her herbs to make a poultice.

"I tripped in town" He said, smiling s Snooze looked at im warily.

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