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[WPC] Mage Chronicles: Episode 5: Down to Earth

"I'd appreciate it if you would stop, I could hear you two a mile away" Hemi grumbled. He was obviously very protective of this area, he immediately fixed the hole he came from with such precison, no one would've thought something had just erupted from it.

"And who are you?" Conor asked, confused. Sitting down before over-exertion took him

"That's Hemi, the terrible Terramancer" Snooze said panting, lifting herself from the ground. She eyed the Terramancer, obviously impressed as she didnt see Zeek coming up behind her. Zeek making faces behind her back.

"Hemi, I guess you heard what I said to Snooze?" Conor said.

"Yes, and I may have a clue for you" Hemi paused "I've heard that this threat is what you'd call, small. That's what I've heard. He's wanted in many regions for murdering members of the arcane, trying to take their mana."

"How do you know this, mudboy?" Zeek asked, rubbing his shoulder.

"I have my sources" Hemi replied seriously "And Conor, I will help you, and so will Snooze, I'll see to it that she behaves". Snooze looked unimpressed at the Terramancer, Zeek laughed at her grim expression. Snooze obviously wasn't used to taking orders.

They set up camp, resting for the night. The banter was already underway, Zeek leading it.

"So, basically we've Flower Power, Mudboy, Hydroguy and me, the Hero" Zeek sneered

"I'll show you Flower Power" Snooze growled, her temper already rising.

Zeek laughed and went to his make-shift bed under a tree, Snooze emptying the setting dew onto him. Zeek shreiked and sent the shadows to pull her hair.

"Owwww!" She screamed "Why I ought to-"

"Go to bed and sleep" Hemi snarled

Muttering to herself, Snooze went to her part of the camp.........

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