The Wolf Codex

The Wolf Pack Clan is more based on certain conception of online relationship and community spirit. And (almost) each and every unsaid rules are here been explained.

Our History

In 2002, the Wolf Pack Clan took a different approach to their members. Its founders decided to build a community instead of “a clan that came with a skill ranking system”. We found there were members who wanted to create fan art, make skins and MODS, write stories, keep relations with other clans intact, host servers, organise clan battles, build the website and in general contribute to the community as a whole (or just bash the forums with jokes and not play games at all). We still very much have most of this community around and for that reason we do not intend to change as this formed a massive history of our making.

We can safely say that around 20 members since joining between 2002-2003 have not considered leaving! And we wish some of them did because some of them are just an out-right pain in the butt! (hehe, just kidding!) – Yep thats right, at the time of writing this (Feb 2010) we still have many members from the 2002-2003 period making many of us 8 year old members.

So we expect just an active member in the community, other than that you can do what ever you want. The website is the main hub for such activity but people who decide they just want to meet up with us in-game are not excluded and are respected in the same way even if not considered a forum basher.

Within the clan are job roles (instead of skill rankings) which are labelled with a certain rank.

We play games like most other clans you would usually come across, we favour some games over others, team up and like to win the games we play, but at the same time we do not punish or remove members that some might be consider as “noob” or un-skilled. We like to have fun and throw jokes at each other in the “banter” and generally have fun doing what we do. We also don’t mock any other players we may beat or loose against. We do it gracefully. (DISCLAMER: Light-hearted banter is to be expected!)

We have participated in leagues before and have won the AVP2 Clan Wars in the past. But during this process we didn’t exclude the less skilled players from participating, or hold training matches that require attendance. We don’t think it is fair to exclude members who are as much of this community as other members are, just because of their skill level.

If we win a league, then we do it together, and if we don’t, we go and have our fun anyway. To win without accounting for skill was more than just a league title for us, it was a community success. From it we became a band of brothers. That matters far much more to us here.

Accepted Behaviour


Here is a detailed explanation of each job within the clan and their duties. By reading this you will discover who it is you need to speak to if in doubt.

Founder (Solo / Webley): Perform tasks such as making sure the clan is generally within everyone’s interests, responsible for Long Fang rotation, are there to over rule any disputes unsettled. Also expected to keep site updated with content and tools to make sure the website is up to standard for its members to enjoy. Founders were the first people to build the clan foundations in 2002 which lead to what you see today.

Long Fang (High Council): Perform tasks such as making sure the clan is generally within everyone’s interest, listens to its members and monitors other jobs carried out so a monthly report can be created with any suggested changes/improvements.
Also adds content to website and is given the rights to do so in certain areas and should be involved with recruitment to some extent (Promotion or otherwise). Long Fang high council is at times rotated between members. Any member has the potential to become a Long Fang and multiple Long Fang’s can be assigned at any one time (Forming a council). To become a Long Fang, simply ask a standing Long Fang or a Founder and they will inform you when the next election will take place. It is up to the founders when the role expires as that's who monitor the Long Fangs. To be a successful applicant an election will be held, if no votes are made or votes for candidates are even, founders will make a decision based on clan interests.

Long fangs work closely with everyone and are considered to be a Founders right hand man. Its design is democratic and was put in place as many old clans split up because of their leaders making decisions not always being agreed to. So a Long Fang pretty much is considered a leader which from time to time gets rotated with a new. This keeps leadership fresh, forever changing, and the good ideas from the old tend to stick, and we continue to improve as a result.

Wise Wolf (Council Advisers): They can speak but are not allowed to vote on council decisions. They are the old wolves that guide us and consist of members that have

-Been member for 5+ years
-Members of +2 years that have shown great contribution
-Ex Long Fangs that have served more than 1 year in council

Lair Keeper (Server Admin): Responsible for the hosting of our gaming servers, providing stats on the website and providing voice servers and/or any other server needs for enhancing our gaming experience. If there are any mods/updates etc that you would like to see on our servers, these are the “go-to-guys”. They can then evaluate if there is enough resources to do this for you in respect of clan interests.

Pack Keeper (Moderator): Responsible for keeping the forums in check and to make sure each topic is in the right place, keeping the place tidy. Also managing the community closely by doing so, they are the people that keep a close ear to everything going on and can report any concerns of an ever growing, ever-changing community to the closest Long Fang, Founder or the clan in general to make sure everyone is as much informed as the last.

Blood Howler (Designer): Responsible for the art and design of the website. Also to manage any fan art etc at the gallery. If there is a button that needs designing or a banner that need changing, or an avatar that needs creating, these are the people you need to speak to. This keeps the brand of the clan concise, clean and flashy.

[WPC] Member: These are the most valued members. These people are the basis of our community and the reason why so many job roles would be necessary to provide a warm welcome stay. They are expected to contribute in any way they can, it really does not matter. The sheer fact that they are around, even if its to kick some dirt around the forums or playing kissy chase in-game, makes the [WPC] possible and such a joy to be part of. These are the people everyone is talking to. I would suggest anyone new to do the same!

[WPC] Cub: These are our wolves young. What with an ageing member base (bunch of old farts!) we are starting to get a number of wolves with children of their own. This rank was created as a means of allowing members to introduce their children to both clan and internet in a supervised manner.

Currently Unused Roles

The following are roles currently unfilled in the clan. You think you can fill it? Come talk to the LongFangs and show us what you can do.

Pack Master (Recruitment): Responsible for drawing in new members, moderating/improving the recruitment process and informing new members if successful.
New members must be monitored before accepted. They will be monitored for activity, behaviour and generally to see if they are adequate to represent the Wolf Pack Clan and mix with our pack. Speak to them with regards to your application queries. The Pack Master/s then report any successful applicants they have enrolled to the Founders and Long Fangs so they can write the weekly newsletter to announce acceptance.

Pack Warrior (War Admin): Responsible for outside clan relationships, in charge of rounding up the troops for practice sessions and clan matches. He is also in charge of setting up the matches and making sure outside relationships are in best interests for the clan. Contacting the clans is their job. They would also have to be good with time management making sure every member who has been selected (or has asked to play) has free time to play when said events are organised. They would also be responsible to rotate members so everyone gets a shot if they desire.

Moon Howler (Storyteller): These are the creative literates in the art of story writing. In-game descriptions or complete fantasies, what these guys are capable of is beyond belief and imagination at times. They always bring good reads to the site. Have a story you would like to share or would like to write some dialogue? These are your wolves to ask about the history and lore of the wolfpack. It is typical for them to release some content/story around once a month and to continue it like a comic book series.

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