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The Wolf Codex
The Wolf Codex

The Wolf Pack Clan is more based on certain conception of online relationship and community spirit. And (almost) each and every unsaid rules are here been explained.

Accepted Behaviour

  • Please refrain from using so called, "leet" speak, "0mg, I so 1337 you f4cking n00b!"
  • This is an English Speaking Forum, please ensure that you follow the rules of grammar and syntax to help our non native speakers.
  • Be graceful when winning / loosing - always show your opponent respect - if you can not do this, leave the game.
  • Most importantly, have fun and dont take the game to seriously!
  • Hacking/exploits or any other 3rd party aid will result in instant BAN!
  • No griefing/ruining fun for other players in any server is accepted
  • Banter is accepted, please always respect the un-written boundaries regarding swearing and getting carried away.
  • Posting funny rubbish on the forums scores top marks with us! gaming is a mere by-product of our community and clan.
  • We are all equals here, no matter what job, rank or length you have been a member, please show other members (And outsiders!) the same respect as you would a family member. We are a family.