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About the Wolf Pack Clan

About us

The Wolf Pack Clan was formed in Jan 2002 by Solo.

This is a pretty open clan with loose regulations on recruiting, we simply want to get to know you - people here are pretty much considered members through their actions within the community and not their skills, so if you dont try and mix in you prolly wont get much of a response from us but if you do your acknowledged as not just a member, but a friend.

Some people have been members here for 8 years, and I can truly say these people have become each others friends, not just some shoddy clan member of one another - this has been a recipe for success (yep, we won the AvP2 Clan Wars based on this principle - not all this tough skills ranking rubbish, we do a bit o' trainin' then off to have some fun).

There are people who just come on the site to contribute and dont even play the games! And you know who you are! - but they are some of the most valued members the clan will ever have - it keeps the rest of us happy and works well - designers, web developers, community admins etc. Be what you want to be here!

We teach our tricks to one another in games and on the website, if one wolf wants to do something the others usually follow - and thats how we roll baby

There is a democratic system in place RE: The Council - Successful applicants are given the title "Long Fang".
Every couple of months a poll is held for certain members to be voted in for the Long Fang post (if the guild feels for rotation) and the winner/s get the duty to be a guild council member (Long Fang) until the next election - this way everyone gets a go at leading the clan in a way which they think is best! This keeps leadership fresh and forever changing without guild fallouts/disputes and lots of other silliness which has destroyed some guilds in the past. (disclaimer: new council members are baby sitted by a founder). This system is one of the many reasons the guild has lasted for 8 years. Buy making people used to leadership change from the start, people tend not to leave when a new leader steps in. (We all know such things happen in other clans)

You dont have to opt to be a democratic council person, you can just sit back if you like, its simply there because it is and people like it there.

Good ideas usually stick and we continue to improve. Obviously being a friend will get you thus far, you cant just sign up and expect to get elected! For the time your in power you'll have certain rights on the site to post news and other things etc. If your good at what you do youll prolly keep those rights even if not a long fang and people will love you for being so awesome sauce.

If you want to go to an elitist clan and be some sort of nuke toting general then your in the wrong place - but be warned - we are pretty kick ass at playing the games we like and we have bloody fun doing it the way we do.

The average age in the guild is like 50years old cus we have some right grandads in here - (lol jus kidding guys dont linch me!), but we are a mature group of friends but welcome all ages.
As you can see humour plays a big part as well. We all hope its funny without getting out of hand.

Hell, we even have an artistic amount of members who we keep locked up in a dark room making avatars for all of you - if thats not an incentive then what is?!